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  1. Does anyone have information on the type of questions that are asked during interviews, or the essay portion?? So far I have no been able to find much and am hoping to have a little heads up to ease my nerves.
  2. I have an interview coming up shortly, are you able to give any information on the types of questions that they ask during the group/individual interviews?? Any the essay I hear is pretty simple are you able to give any information on that as well? Lastly what solidified your choice to attend Touro? did you apply anywhere else?
  3. I just spoke to quite a few people, some will tell you straight up what the whole alternate status is and others will give you the run around. I am also on the alternate list, I was told there are 70 people as of now on the alternate list and that they are pretty much done choosing alternates. They can chose to accept people all the way until the 1st week in August, classes start the second week, rarely do things go until the first day of school but it has happened. Hope that helps to give you numbers, the chances are slim but stay positive things can still happen. Oh and they aren't supposed
  4. I am also on the alternate list, I have been talking with the counselors and just found out there are about 70 alternates. Anyone declining their alternate letter?
  5. Did they ask you any ethical questions? or current laws? if so how did you prepare for those? would you mind sharing? with the issue of where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years, do you have any idea what they are looking for? I am still new to this and am open-minded on what area of medicine I would like to practice as a PA. I just see myself working as a pa in a hospital or clinical setting with the undeserved population.
  6. Any last minute tips for the interview? I have heard mixed reviews, some say the experience was a positive one and the interviewer made things really comfortable, others such as above said how horrible it was. Can those who had a negative experience say who they had as their interviewer? Are there any ethical questions that people were asked? or other random questions??
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