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  1. Sending PM instead

  2. I think besides the five or so that were granted early acceptance offers, we are all still waiting for the decisions. I think all of the interviews are complete though, so hopefully we will know soon.
  3. Is there any updates to anyone else's status yet? I have seen a few posts so far for some being accepted. It looks like about four or five have been granted acceptance. This waiting is horrible!!
  4. It seems you answered your own question. Don't worry so much about the interview. Don't look for what you think they want to hear. Tell them YOUR thoughts and ideas and how YOU feel. Good Luck!
  5. I recently graduated from CSUN and I can give you some insight. CSUN is in bad shape right now with the budget situation. It is going to be very difficult for you to get the courses you need for your degree as it is, let alone extra courses for the PA program. They have recently lowered the maximum unit limit from 19 units to only 15 units. This will make it much harder to take extra courses on top of your required courses for graduation. It will take at least 1 extra semester from whatever you were planning. Due to the budget situation, they are not offering as many courses either. Micro and Genetics are impacted. There must have been about 60 students trying to add the course on the first day of genetics when I took it. Anyways, as a transfer student you do get good priority registartion, but they limit it to 12 units only. Once open registration begins for all students, you can add that last three units for a total of 15 units.. By that time, I can guarantee the courses you need for PA are going to be full. Something to think about with your major being a non-science major. Most people who apply to PA with non-science degrees are people who came back to school and took the required science courses after obtaining their degree. You should reconsider your degree choice if you are planning on PA.
  6. Do you think this might do better in a different forum???
  7. It is in your best interest to contact admissions regarding your status. You never know what could come of it....you may still have a chance. Just an FYI....I just checked my application status and it says "application materials received." I interviewed in January and it hasn't changed since my application was submitted. Good Luck.
  8. I was there on the 17th as well. I read a couple posts that mentioned being accepted already. I'm curious how many acceptances they have given so far. Hopefully we hear soon....good luck!
  9. I figured I would start this thread for LLU applicants. Has anyone heard anything after your interviewing? Just curious if they have started calling accepted applicants or sending denial letters.
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