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  1. I would really appreciate a review from you, detailing out the pance exam. I will be taking the exam in about a year from now and already so worried. I am not a very good test taker and dont do well on standardized tests.. all the advice you give will be highly appreciated!! I will go into quizlet and see if I can find your notes. can you give me a clue on where there at? thanks!
  2. hey swimbikerun, did you get in? I'm also a triathlete! 2x Ironman.. I hope you got in.. we can train in ND!
  3. I will be attending the 2012 class! I live in south lake tahoe CA. I'm excited to go. My backround is that ive been a chiropractor for 12 years and looking for a better way to reach my goals.. and I believe PA will be it! anyone out there give me a shout!
  4. I was wanting to know if a PA can bill for manipulative therapy and get reimbursed at a higher rate than what a chiropractor can bill for? I am a chiropractor who is now getting his PA license, and I'm unsure if I can bill out for manipulation and get a higher reimbursable rate?? anyone know or where I can get that info?
  5. I am also looking at working both under dual licensure.. I am a chiropractor and I would like to work under a PA and a chiropratic professions. I think I can work chiropractic on a different day and a seperate office, and work as a PA in a hospital setting ect.. Does anyone know specifically? I live in Nevada.
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