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  1. Just to let everyone know that if you get a Facebook request from an Alexandra Louise it's me :)
  2. PAJouy, I had the same issue. I had to email them to verify. They said they got it and that a confirmation had been sent, but obviously I never got it. Made me a little nervous about if they try sending me other emails.
  3. Private message works a little better because I get an email notification. Thanks!
  4. Hey all! I tried to get a group going, but needed to add people before the group could be created. Do you all want to send me your Facebook info and I'll add you as friends and then get this group going?
  5. Hmm that is interesting comany9. I had no idea that Grad housing was more expensive. I have never lived in New York and only visited once. So, my knowledge concerning possible living situations is extremely limited. I would definitely be interested in hearing about everyone else's ideas concerning possible places to live.
  6. They usually only mean business days. So, that might make a difference.
  7. I was also looking into possible living situations. I think I'm leaning towards the graduate housing they provide. Is anyone else looking at the Fulton Apartment?
  8. They only asked a few questions, basic stuff. For instance, Why LIU, Why PA? It was definitely quick and to the point. Be calm and realize that they asked you for an interview because they saw something in your application that made you stand out. You will do great!
  9. Nice to meet everyone! Were any of you at the August 21st interview?
  10. I am from Sturgis, MI. My name is Alexandra (Alex). What about you all? They never asked me for any documentation concerning hours. All they wanted was the GRE score.
  11. Hey comany9, Glad to see this got started! Would be nice to touch base with others, especially after reading, in the other thread, that half of the class was already filled. Looking forward to hearing from others.
  12. Comany9, Looks like 2015, according to the site below. http://www.arc-pa.org/acc_programs/
  13. Yes, I was. I've placed my down payment, to attend, but I am waiting for other schools as well. I didn't want to pass on an acceptance :)
  14. Congrats aanghila!!! Olgad, you could always call and verify that they have received your application. Additionally, I don't believe they place a huge emphasis on the GRE. They didn't even bring mine up and I was planning on re-taking the exam, but I got accepted without having to. They only wanted to make sure my GRE was sent to them.
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