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  1. Hello, I am a PA student at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA. I am originally from central Florida and I accepted a seat from SHU due to their late admission process. That being said I have no desire to work in the PA area and hope to come back to FL to practice upon graduation. Unfortunately, SHU has not established any agreements with preceptors in the central FL area (most likely because it is so far away). I am hoping to set up most, if not all of my rotation sites at home. I am looking for preceptors in: geriatrics, general surgery, primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, emergency medicine and OB/GYN. My rotations will be from May 2014 to May 2015. They are each about 4 weeks long and I need to work approximately 40 hours a week. Any assistance or advice about how to accomplish this would be very much appreciated! Thank you, Amy
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