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  1. Answer each individually, follow the format they provide you.
  2. That was my experience and I was accepted to multiple schools in the Northeast. It is great experience, which helped me a lot so far!
  3. I chose SHU over NYIT last year...So far it has been a great decision! Both programs are wonderful and have tons to offer! SHU is a bit smaller with ~30 students/class. @Ibuchholz2127, I had the same mindset about living at home and saving money, I currently live at home and it works out well, and I recommend it because PA school is expensive....In relation to SHU and NYIT PANCE scores....I don't know for a fact what NYIT's are but SHU has an average Pass rate of 98%...the last two classes (class of 12' and 13' both had 100%). Good Luck!
  4. I have Just created a Facebook group for the class of 2016..Please join if you are attending this fall.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/619325174747180/
  5. Anyone here get accepted and decide on going to Seton Hall??
  6. I also was interviewed in September and was just accepted off the wait list last Friday! So there is hope! Good Luck!
  7. Has anyone been accepted and decided to attend yet?
  8. Same here....So much for hearing back within 4 wks hahaha
  9. I have been accepted to a few, NYIT is one of my top choices and it is the closest to my home so as of right now it is where I am going.
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