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  1. Hello Fellow PAs I am a PA transitioning to Plastic Surgery. I am currently at a cosmetic practice in Illinois. Does anyone know what are the laws of PAs in Plastic surgery. A doctor wants me to infiltrate/tumsecent patients as well as do liposuction. Does anyone know if that's allowed in Illinois? Tried to research it but can't find anything. Thanks for all your help,
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I understand that trying to get into derm will be very difficult, but some physicians are willing to train. I just need to find that one in my city :)
  3. I did look into that and not many derm residency and are out of state. I'm married with 2 kids, so that is not option for me. Most private practice want PA with experience and are not willing to train :( so I thought med spa would be a good place to get some aesthetic experience. I have actually send out resumes to few dermatologist in the area and have not heard anything back. When I followed up, they are not interested :( Its so frustrating....
  4. Hello everyone. I am looking to change careers and try to get into Dermatology. However, without any experience or at least 2 years, no one is willing to even give me time of day for an interview, especially since most of the doctors go through recruiters. So here is my question... I am looking into facial aesthetics... anyone work at a med spa where you perform face botox, fillers etc..??? would this be a good place to start and get experience to later try to get into dermatology??? I have mostly orthopedics experience, but did rotation in derm/plastics in school which I really enjoyed :) The place I am looking at is located in a mall... don't know how reputable that would be. ANY ADVISE would be appreciated......thanks
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