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  1. MK!!! Congrats! You deserve it, I am so happy for you!!!! Congrats to all of you!!
  2. So happy for all of you! Best of luck to you at interviews, I'll see some of you Friday :) For those of you who haven't heard, don't give up if this is truly your desire! I know it is hard, but keep your chin up and find out how to improve for next year. One year goes by fast, I feel like I was just in your shoes! -Bree
  3. That is really great that a few of you have already been accepted into other programs- congratulations! I am a student in the EVMS MPA class of 2017 and just thought I would let you all know what a great experience this program has been. I am not trying to persuade anyone from giving up a seat at a school that they have been accepted in any way, I just thought I would take a second to procrastinate my studying for ten minutes and share my experiences with the program thus far as I would have loved to hear about it when I was in your shoes :) I went to great lengths to look into many schools to determine what I felt would be a good fit for what I was looking for and this program impressed me in every way from the interview process through now (classes began the first week of Jan). The faculty treat you as a valued student, rather than a random number, and are very willing to help if they can. The campus is beautiful with lots of resources, the faculty has really been great (some of which are medical school faculty), the upperclassman have been very supportive, and I feel that I am receiving a top education at a school with a great reputation. I should add that the program is very adaptive, which is unlike anything I have experienced before and I have taken courses at over 7 colleges. They truly want to make the program the best they can for everyone. It ISN'T EASY, as I am sure you all would expect, but I couldn't be more grateful that I have made the sacrifices that I have to relocate here for this program. For those of you trying to decide between two schools, I too was accepted to another program, and was grateful for the offer, but EVMS was really my top choice. I made the decision to pay the downpayment (a hefty one at that, $1,000) and hope that I was offered an interview and maybe even a seat at EVMS and thankfully I was. For those who will be taking a risk of not being accepted and pass the start date at another program to which they have been accepted, that decision can only be made by you. ktntiger- I would absolutely suggest doing a consultation and feel it is helpful. It ensures that you meet all of the requirements and you can identify if you have any spots for improvement. I say it is important that you put your best foot forward and make sure that your first time applying is your best, you have nothing to lose by doing one. They also have stats somewhere on the website of average accepted student information and this can give you an idea of what your colleagues applying may look like. Best of luck everyone! Stay positive!
  4. PAplease- I went into settings to view my profile from a friends perspective- you can do this too after joining the group and search specific people and see how they view your profile. When viewing from the others perspective, I couldn't see that I had joined the group anywhere on my page but I also have have higher security settings. I THINK it is safe for you to join- I don't think it shows up on news feed either. You could join the group, and go into your settings to view from your coworkers perspective and see if you can find the group :) Best of luck! -Bree
  5. I will probably try to move up in december (but won't actually move for good until right before school starts) however I plan to come up for a weekend to find a place sometime this fall…not sure when but will probably coordinate with a few others if possible :)
  6. Thanks so much for setting that up Nate :) If you need help with anything let me know! Otherwise looking forward to seeing everyone in January!
  7. Cstep- I think they are doing waves again for invites as they did for interviews so keep your chin up! They did not all come at the same time as they were individual emails. I don't believe they are done sending out invites so there is still hope! Congrats to all and I'm excited and honored to be a part of the 2017 class. Thanks for the info guys. I'll gladly set up a Facebook page tonight and let you all know how to get on it.
  8. I just got mine as well, I am overcome with emotion :) I couldn't breath for a minute when I saw that…wow…Can't wait to hear from everyone else!
  9. I couldn't agree more guys! Trying to keep my mind off of this, but it is grueling! I hope the best for everyone, there were so many great people interviewing who were all very deserving of a spot at EVMS.
  10. No worries Fitzy! Relax tonight and good luck to you and everyone else this weekend!
  11. Thanks Crossfit! I look forward to meeting everyone at yardhouse and throughout the interview process! I am hopeful that next week we can all be celebrating :)
  12. I already pm'd my thoughts but just want to add- while I agree with most of what others have said I encourage you to not be afraid to use what you have gone through as inspiration to your journey to becoming a PA. You just have to present it in a more positive way about how it has shaped you but as others have stated you unintentionally come off a bit abrasive. Remember, they are reading 100s to 1,000s of these and you have to let your guard down to show them who you really are, tell them your passion, prove why you are going to be a good PA and make them want to meet you- being vague is not beneficial or memorable. You can always talk about those you have been able to help and how it has inspired you if you are uncomfortable bringing your own struggles in but I feel that talking about yourself is more powerful if done properly. These are just my opinions and I am not expert...Keep working at it and revising!
  13. You pose an interesting question. It doesn't make much sense to allow such given that an AP would only have 1.25 years of additional training (consider 1st summer off). This is pretty crazy. What can't they do? As I said above, that is quite interesting that only 1.25 additional years of education (beyond PA) can get you almost complete independence. Given billing issues etc I can't imagine this will be wildly successful or all that common (at least I hope). Thanks all for posting this info!
  14. Hi future_PA! I am happy to give you my thoughts on this, I will PM you :) and I may be wrong but in my opinion I would caution anyone from using the term "physician assisting".
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