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  1. Good luck to everyone this weekend! I'm sure you all will do great. Ask all and any questions you have to faculty and the student panel. :) Remember, you also want to know if this program is a good fit for you!
  2. Interviews for UTHSCSA usually begin around early November and go through January
  3. I was an ER Scribe for 6 months and accepted in major PA programs in TX... UT Southwestern, UTHSCSA, and UNTHSC.
  4. When you all sent in your confirmation letter stating you will be accepting your seat for this incoming class, did you get an email from them saying that they received your letter? Also, has anybody received their student ID number yet?
  5. Hello all, I interview in January, and have been accepted into the program. The interview process is laid back compared to other places I interviewed at. You only have one interview that's lasts 15-20 min where two faculty members ask you questions. They just want to get to know you and see if you're a good fit for the program. There's no essay involved. Just be yourself and don't let nerves get the best of you! Hope this helps!
  6. I got a call today offering me a seat! Looks like they are indeed pulling off from the alternate list. :)
  7. I just checked my mail. I was chosen as an Alternate. Hopefully I will get that acceptance phone call soon!
  8. Has anybody received anything by mail regarding alternative last or rejection? I have yet to receive anything...
  9. I just got the email too...however I will not be attending since I was accepted from the school of my choice. Hopefully they can give my interview seat to someone else!
  10. I got in! I interviewd January 11, received my call yesterday! Good luck to all!
  11. Is this Mary Grace? I remember you! I got in to! This is Clarissa Cuellar by the way, I was in the last group to be interviewed too for the day haha
  12. The interview process is really really laid back. Try not think of it as an interview itself, more like a conversation. They asking typical questions you would expect... why do you want to be a PA, why their program, etc etc. Try not to be nervous, they are really nice people! I've been accepted into the program, it's my first offer, just have fun with it!
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