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  1. What is this transcript evaluation? I haven't gotten that either. Anyone else heard about interviews?
  2. The supplemental application was posted on CASPA because I received an email a few days go saying they received my application and will start review in September with interviews to start in January.
  3. I just heard today that they received my app and its in review. That's it
  4. Still haven't heard back since they got my app. 3 weeks now :/
  5. I live in Columbus and applied. Haven't heard back yet
  6. Sent mine in a few weeks ago and haven't heard yet. How long did it take to hear?
  7. How long does it normally take? They received my application on 6/12 and haven't heard anything :/
  8. Sent in my applications last week. Haven't heard yet. Congrats on your interview!
  9. Oh Nate that makes perfect sense! Thanks so much for clearing that up!
  10. The lower complete date being verified says May 29th so that's why I'm kinda confused
  11. I just e-submitted my CASPA application on June 5th. How long does it typically take for CASPA to verify your application?
  12. I was not aware that the GRE didn't need to be put into my CASPA thanks so much for the advise.
  13. Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding the GRE and admissions. I have taken the GRE twice now. My first scores were my best with a 292 cumulative, 148 verbal and 144 quantitative and a 4 on the writing. My second scores were not good as there were life things going on and I didn't perform my best. I went to take it for a third time today and long story short I had to forfeit my seat. I am wondering if I should wait til June to take it for the third time, hoping for at least a 300 cumulative, or submit my CASPA the first week of June like I was hoping. I'm very concerned with the rolling admissions, but I was hoping for a better GRE score since my GPA isn't as high as I would like it. I'll give you all my stats cGPA: 3.2 sGPA: 2.9 HCE: 253 hrs (including my STNA work, shadowing, and volunteer work at a hospital. I'm currently doing STNA work so this is increasing through the summer) GRE: 292 ? 144 Q 148 V Should I leave it with the 292 or hold applications and take it one more time? I know I don't look great on paper, I came to the PA profession late in my undergrad as I changed my major a lot, but I am very determined and dedicated to get in and just would like to know opinions. Thanks!
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