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  1. When filling out the application early, do I fill it out as if I have already passed the PANCE?
  2. 1. White coat ceremony occurs before the start of your clinical year. Around April after your didactic year. 2. Program starts May 30th, 2017. Unsure about orientation. 3. There are other off-campus areas that are typically more expensive such as Deer Valley and Forest Pointe (west of RFUMS and on Waukegan Rd) - The students I know either do school, woodlands, or navy housing. Navy is the cheapest option as the apartments are across the main road from the school, Woodlands is sheer convenience because its practically next to the school's parking lot and have paved walkways to the school. Student housing is the most expensive option of the three i believe, but still convenient as they are similar in price as the "luxury" apartments I mention above. Note - if you REALLY want to venture out. The school has a shuttle only going from school to lake bluff station. The lake bluff station is the Metra and the line goes from Kenosha to Evanston. So you can find a place close to the any of those station and do that as well.
  3. It will be a wide range considering the requirement is 2.75. However, I'm just going to refer to the class profile of the last accepting year to give a picture of the avg. GPA Science - 3.35 GPA Cumulative - 3.45 GRE - typically just get above 50% If I recall, they use to have a graph with the lowest scores as well, but recently removed it. From memory, they accepted a person with 2.75 GPA as their lowest - that person(s) must of had lots of other things to make up for that.
  4. Just got waitlisted for an interview. Please!!!! Let me be on top of that list.
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