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  1. can any current students or alumni talk about their experience living off campus. specifically where they lived/monthly apartment costs/etc...
  2. around 200 interviews. there were around 25 people at my interview on 10/23
  3. what is that other school you are between? what is the other school you are between?
  4. any advice for the interview mines 9/16? also any out of the blue questions? thanks!
  5. anyone know what types of jobs count towards the 250 primary care hours?
  6. Thank you for answering all of these questions it has been extremely helpful. I am age 21 heading into my senior year of college and currently have a 3.9 overall with a 3.95 science gpa. I have about 800 hours of various HCE as a PT aide and I am currently trying to find an EMT job. I see that many schools are looking for older applicants with more health care experience. How would you suggest ways to prove to a PA school that I am ready for the rigorous curriculum entailed and that I am mature enough to provide quality patient care at a young age. Thanks
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