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  1. Slightly off topic- but where did you all complete your undergrad? I'm a Galveston resident and can't decide where to finish my sciences
  2. Has anyone here utilized both the Hazelwood and the Post 9/11 for their undergrad and PA school? I'm active duty, looking to separate in June and begin my prerequisites. I'm trying to figure it all out and hoping to find someone who can help. Regarding disability, I have a few service connected injuries but not sure what my rating will be. One was a major hand injury that left me with no feeling and slightly limited movement in my left thumb. I've read about Vocational Rehab but dont feel like it fits me. I am capable of being employed anywhere, just choosing the PA profession. My current line of work is Mechanic/Law enforcement so I can't really claim PA as being related to my service job. Any information is appreciated.
  3. Ahh...the good ol' days of wind storms blowing red sand through the drafty old windows on 2438 Whitmire Blvd! I didn't attend, but my Wife did. She loved the school and the staff. Her class and the senior class had a great bond. Midland isn't terrible, but not great. As mentioned above, I too would love to hear about some of the upcoming changes. I am planning to attend a TX school in the future. First pick would be UTMB, followed by TTUHSC ot UTSA (all based on current geographical situation). I actually liked TTUHSC just as well as the larger market schools I've visited. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm AD USCG, not in a healthcare specialty (rating)...I'm a mechanic. However, I am planning to attend PA school and stay reserve. I too would love to commission as an Officer after I graduate PA school and complete my retirement. So, we're fairly similar regarding our plans. I've talked with 3 schools in TX and all of them seemed as if they were pro-military, and said they would not frown upon a reservist. One said they had a deployed student who just got pushed back into the following year's class. My Wife graduated from TTUHSC and she had 3-4 reservists who drilled and had no issues. PA schools, around here at least, seem to be accommodating. They want you to pass... I would say go for it. As long as you maintain your grades it shouldn't be an issue. I plan to (although my drills and deployments as a Coastie could vary greatly from the other branches). Good luck!
  5. I mean no disrespect, but anyone who vaguely knows the TX economy will know that West TX is booming. I would be certain to investigate ANY school's housing market prior to interviewing and accepting a seat. Common sense. Trends are clearly visible in the information you provided. More demand without an increase in supply tends to yield higher rent. I agree that Tech should've disclosed the probation info. However, those conducting interviews may not have known at the time of the interviews. Those are probably the same people who jumped ship when it all went downhill. If I attend, it will be a few years off. I'm still (proudly) serving my commitment to the military. It should all be sorted out by the time I decide whether or not to apply there. With that said, what I've seen thus far wouldn't stop me from applying.
  6. I'm still considering this school. The staff a few years back (Deemer era) were great, area is full of good people, it isn't a huge city but has everything you need. I am anxious to hear how this ends up. I spent a lot of time there when my Wife attended the program. Neither of us would mind going back for a few years if I wind up applying and getting accepted. Do plan on using a lot of bottled water as the tap water definitely isn't great...but its even worse in S.E. Texas. Good school. Good people. Good program. Shame to see the struggle they're having. Hopefully its temporary. With the oil boom in that region, it further solidifies the need for a strong PA presence in rural West Texas.
  7. My #1 choice does not accept distant labs...but I CAN apply to IPAP with them, so I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the sciences and labs. I'll likely do what you said, just knock out the basic stuff. Thanks.
  8. Looks like I'll be starting EMT school at the end of the month! Now if I could just get a few answers on the other prerequisites I was considering, I would be off to a good start. Thanks for the input.
  9. I would agree. I happen to know her work pretty well...but she probably wouldn't say the same for mine.
  10. I'm fortunate to be married to a successful PA-C. She went to school, I enlisted in the military, both knowing that it would be a while before we were able to spend much time together. She has since graduated, now has a few years of experience, we had a son...and I gained interest in the profession throughout her process from start to finish. The medical emergencies I've dealt with on the water (USCG) have really peaked my interest in the PA field. With a few years left on my enlistment, I am planning to go the PA route (attempt IPAP and civilian schools). With that aaid, I have a few questions. I can only assume that shadowing your own Wife could be considered a bit shady. Fortunately she has colleagues who she can put me in contact with so I doubt I'll need to do that. Should I anyway? What about scribing for her or the physician she works for? Would that be unacceptable? Should I even mention my Wife in my statements and interviews? She definitely opened my eyes to the field and I owe my interest mostly to her experiences...so I feel its a vital part of my statement. However, I can see how it could be misconstrued as someone who feels they have an 'in' because they are married to a PA. I definitely dont want to portray that. Anyone else have this situation? How do you feel about it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Apply, get accepted, and then become a PA-C. That would be the best 'thank you' I could ask for if I was a Pre-PA mentor or person writing an LOR. Although not PA related, my current profession allows me to share great pride with the people I mentor - especially when they complete their goal(s). A tangible gift would not compare to the joy I get out of watching a 'student' succeed. Kudos to you for recognizing those who've supported you.
  12. Is anyone currently enrolled in, or a previous graduate of the IPAP prep program that Kaplan has put together? I'm considering this for my pre-reqs and wanted to get some input from others who are familiar with it. Thanks.
  13. Good for you(sincerely). I have '0' college courses under my belt, so a year isn't feasible. However, I MAY be able to finish most of it in my remaining two years active using TA, then GI Bill the rest. Thanks for your input and your service. Good luck on those interviews.
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