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  1. Hello! I am a 2nd year PA student looking for a Behavioral Health or Geriatrics clinic in NYC. Let me know if you have any leads! Thank you!
  2. I would give Touro a call and speak to someone directly. I had a similar issue for another school I was applying to and I thought I had everything but after I called, I realized I needed one more class. Hope that helps!
  3. Here are the current class schedules for every week and each semester: http://cehs.tu.edu/paprogram/currentstudents/schedules.html
  4. Living in Vallejo is just great for studying because you won’t have any distractions. You’ll have to drive to where the fun is: Napa, Oakland, SF. Vallejo has a few charms here and there, such as a farmer’s market on Saturdays, the ferry terminal going to SF if you don’t want drive, a movie theater, hikes, and more. What Vallejo doesn’t have when compared to a bigger city are options. You’ll have to drive to other cities for more options. Personally, I enjoy where I live in Vallejo (next to an elementary school, ~4 mi from school) and I have had zero issues thus far. I think having a home sec
  5. Has anyone heard back from D'Youville yet? Anxiously waiting for a reply.
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