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  1. Congrats to those that received the email today. That's very exciting. I've really enjoyed reading the posts of support and know that you all are going to do great in the interview. Congradulations! Travis
  2. MEDEX-Tacoma applicants hello to all, my name is Travis and I too am an applicant outside of the WWAMI (Oregon); it's a pleasure signing on here to see the many encouraging posts. I too applied to Tacoma. Very exciting to hear that this week might be when we find out if we are selected for an interview. I have read in the past that there can be a first and second round of interviews in order to build the most cohesion for each class. If we don't hear something this week, let us not be discouraged. Regards, Travis
  3. Don, Have you received any info regarding info sessions for re-applicants? Thanks, Travis
  4. Corpsman2PA, Thanks for the encouragement, it is truly a blessing to know those that have taken the next step can see where a rejected applicant is coming from. Travis
  5. Corpsman2pa, Once again I agree and thank you for your time to respond. Where did you interview and when? Were you at the Yakima interview last year? Did you go out to dinner with a group of applicants and Steve? Did you go downstairs and have breakfast at the hotel prior to the interview? I guess what I am asking is if this is Chris W?
  6. Corpsman2pa, Thank you for the feed back... I appreciate it and after reading it again I see where you were coming from, at least from one sentence. My quotation supremely qualified applicant may have been too much, but when you look at medical professionals you find a number of different personalities, but one thing that holds true is belief in ones self. Call if cocky, entitled, etc, bottom line is no applicant goes into an interview or even submitting an application with the mindset of, "Well, I'm not the best and they probably won't think I'm special". Confidence is a must. Medical professionals are continually tested physically and even more so mentally/emotionally. You have to have a confidence about you to get the message across. Of course I have worked with providers who are overbearing and that is 100% not me. I was purely stating that from the requirements, I meet what they are looking for and believe to have done more than minimums. I would hope that when you applied and interviewed you knew in yourself that you were "great" and would only not be accepted if there were candidates greater. Getting into PA school is challenging, every year there are more candidates and the seats in schools stay the same so the bar is raised. When you were a corpsmen you knew that your confidence in your skills and abilities would ultimately earn the trust of the Marines or Sailors you supported. The same thing goes in interviewing or applying to a professional school. My goal from my post wasn't to criticize the applications process, other applicants, or make myself feel better because they missed a gem among rocks. My point was to open up and let others that hadn't been accepted or offered a chance to interview know that they were not alone. I put myself out there to let others know there is always next year and that other options my be more likely. Travis
  7. What I have just finished reading is exactly the reason I started this. I knew that I was not alone. If you have seen any of my other posts on other "tacoma 1" or "tacoma interview meeting" you will see I share the same feelings. I am taken aback that after interviewing last year and improving significantly in the areas I felt the weakest in, this year I was sent the "dear john" letter. Everyone, thanks for contributing... It is hugely encouraging to realize that I am not alone in the efforts I have made to appease the likes of UW Medex with no resolve. Everyone that wants a career in medicine and I mean truly wants to live that career, eventually the hands of time will align. Rich brought up a very good point and it is something that I spoke with a close friend about yesterday who is an MD. I was telling her that I need to get my science classes updated. I guess after college joining the army as a medic then working in specialty medicine and a community health center as a medical assistant for three years doesn't matter if my basic sciences are over five years old. To me it is really just the annoyance of the whole thing. Straight military medicine won't get you in! exhibit 1, my first year applying. Exhibit 2 helps but not much, military medic and 6ish months as a medical assistant. Exhibit 3 gets you an interview, military medic and 18 months as a medical assistant in critical care. Then finally exhibit 4, 3 years as an army medic, adding additional science classes to show true interest as a forever student, trying to learn Spanish as a second language to make my interaction with patients that much easier and more comforting to the patients, and oh, yes, 3 years a medical assistant; "sorry due to the high volume of highly qualified applicants this year you are not selected to interview".... Really? is this some sort of weird game... My friend has seen my GPA, she knows my work ethic, she understands what I have been through and she can't believe that I was selected to interview. She broke it down like this for me. (There are "150" PA schools, they accept 30-40 students per school. There are 150+ medical schools and they accept 100+ students each year. Yes the training is longer and more detailed, but medical schools seem to be trending right now to accept students that don't just have a 4.0 GPA or a parent that is a Dr., they are accepting student with skills to relate to patients and life experience...) With that MD applications look highly likely in my next bout of applying to become a medical professional. As individuals who have earned their stripes in medicine, obviously because you are applying to PA school, you know when nothing more can be done for a patient. Maybe we need to use that wisdom or consciousness in our application to MEDEX... How long can you give you application CPR? Maybe CPR can't change the ultimate result... Maybe nothing a supremely qualified candidate can do in the eyes of MEDEX will change the outcome..? Maybe it is time to triage and move on with the goal finding where our skills will offer the best result. Keep working hard, keep your eyes on the objective and overcome adversity... You are not alone. Once again congrats to the candidates that did have exactly what MEDEX was looking for. Travis
  8. Tracie and Asterlington, thanks for your responses. It feels like I have looked at every aspect of my application inside-and-out. I will continue to work for improvement in myself and as an applicant. Under 80 days until we can start submitting applications again through CASPA.
  9. TSTACY! Yeah, thanks for the insight...! I looked at my application earlier this week with 3 practicing PAs and 1 MD (who was a PA before she decided to go to medical school). They were blown away that I was not accepted! One of them was a PA that did a letter of rec for me and the MD was another letter or rec. They couldn't believe with my HCE, volunteering, military background, and bachelors degree I wasn't invited to interview. The process seems straight forward, but occasionally the reality is even great candidates don't get accepted because there is a (grant based) need to accept certain students.
  10. Alcon, Don't just re-apply, find out specifics about what your application lacks. I was rejected for the 4th time this year. I have been to 2 information sessions, rejected 4 times, and interviewed once. The amount of handouts that say the same thing could be a collection by now. I took more classes, I added experience, I volunteered more; I did everything that the letters of rejection will say to do as well as the EXACT same letters you get at information sessions and nothing changed over the course of 4 years. I agree to continue trying, but at some point you may have to recognize that MEDEX doesn't see in you what you see in yourself. If you have to take extra classes, bummer, if not great, but take the GRE apply to other schools. I currently work with PAs that think what I have done (HCE) is light-years beyond what they did. Don't let a rejection collapse your lungs :). Every year there are more PA schools. MEDEX is prestigious, they build their classes how they feel will best fit the entire class. If you believe in yourself don't let rejection from medex minimize your ambition to provide a high level of care to patients in the future. Travis
  11. Alcon, I wanted to set up a special place for all rejected MEDEX applicants to post. I hope the holiday season is treating you well and that this year's rejections is next years thrill.
  12. The following link is what I used to find my medical equipment bag. The greatest thing about this site is you get to choose color and style..! http://www.coach.com/online/handbags/genWCM-10551-10051-en-/Coach_US/StaticPage/collections?LOC=hrimgtile#117555
  13. Tracy, You sound great... Where exactly are you from? I won't be interviewing with you as I was an applicant to Tacoma until early this evening when I retrieved the mail and had a letter from MEDEX that said I would not be selected for an interview. Congrats on the interview and yes most definitely meeting with other applicants prior to the interview is a huge help. I interviewed last year and meeting the night before was very pleasant. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Travis
  14. Alcon, Big news today..! My letter came, I will not be invited to interview. It's official, letters have been sent out prior to secondary interview invites. I wish everyone the best of luck this year and can't wait to hear how the interview session/s go. Travis
  15. Mistercire, Stay positive and don't give up, you can do a lot in a year with the right motivation.
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