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  1. I'd look for something else. I've been doing UC for almost 1.5 years, I'm still learning, going on my own after 1 month would be hard. Also, no CME, no 401k, and no dental or vision...you're going to be a hard working PA in the urgent care, you deserve those.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to put in there, there is no non-compete clause. I can work somewhere else, they just have to sign off on it. The recruiter says it's never a problem and a lot of the PA's in their system work at other places on the side.
  3. Hi guys, new grad here. Received an offer for a hospital owned urgent care system. As a new grad, I was looking for somewhere I can continue to learn. They've told me that I'll be working with medical director first for a few weeks to a month, and then move onto double coverage with PA's who have agreed to mentor new hires/grads. They sent me an offer letter breaking down my employment, does this all look okay? x6 12 hours shifts every 2 weeks ~$92,600 annual salary (negotiating for a bit more) Extra shift OT at x1.25 hour when annual is broken down into hourly wage On call once a month for sick coverage or double coverage assistance, with extra shift pay at x1.25 if called in Up to 4% annual bonus DEA, license, society membership reimbursement Malpractice with tail covered Student loan assistance - 5k after 1 year, additional 5k after 2 years 403b 25 days PTO $3,000 CME plus 5 days off for CME medical, dental, vision Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys for all of your answers. I've been applying and had other interviews for other opportunities since this ER interview. It's just frustrating because almost all of my classmates are working at this point because they were able to network via rotations, and I relocated far away after school, so I wasn't able to network. I did get job offers on rotations, but those were in the city I was not going to end up. I sent thank you notes to all my interviewers after I spoke with them, so I think I've been respectful and courteous from my end. I don't know, maybe I've been pestering them a little bit...but they tell me one thing and don't follow up. I find the whole situation perplexing, as I have never encountered this during an application/interview process. Usually I was able to get some sort of feedback in a reasonable time, although my prior jobs were for smaller groups, and this is for a bigger corporation...
  5. New grad here. I recently interviewed for an emergency med position, which is what I want to work in. The opportunity seems great, community hospital, always working with a physician or two for assistance when I would need it, take care of mostly fast track and assist in main rooms when needed, and seeing about 2-3 patients per hour. Interviewed with recruiter over phone, and interviewed with head of department in person. I felt both interviews went really well, and I displayed I am able to work in a fast paced environment from pre-grad school experience as an EMT and scribe in an ER (I know not the best in terms of hands on, but got me in the mindset of working with acute complaints). So after the in-person interview I was told I'd hear back in 1-2 weeks. After that passed, no call/email. So I sent a small follow up to the head of the department, and was told there were another few interviews lined up and I would hear in about another week, no problem. 3rd and 4th week pass, no response. Call to follow up with recruiter, they're in a meeting, they'll call me back after. Whole day passes, no call back. Couple more days pass, call again, rings and goes to voicemail. Send a follow up email to head of department, 2-3 days pass, no response. I get that responses from bigger companies or hospitals can take a while, but is it common to not get any response at all when following up? I really think this position would be an amazing opportunity for me, which is why I don't want to give up on it. I also understand I'm not going to get every job I want, but I would like them to at least let me know so I can move on. Am I wrong thinking it's rude of them to not acknowledge or give a short update? What would you guys do in this position?
  6. Dear PA Admissions, Thanks for helping us all out! I applied to programs for this cycle, but a little late in August. I'm a little scared, as there was a short period of downward trending grades on my transcripts in the later years in PT grad school. I was stuck with some family issues at that time, and ended up leaving the program to take care of it, but my grades have since been upward trending. My cPGA is a 3.36 and sGPA is 3.32. I have all A's and B's in the pre-reqs (with retakes for classes which I received C's) GRE Verbal: 151 Quant: 155 Analytical: 4.5 Extracurricular: PT Aide ~1500 hours EMT ~1000 hours ER Scribe ~3000 hours ER Volunteer ~380 hours Hospital Volunteer ~ 60 hours Worked in youth basketball league ~3000 hours Habitat for Humanity 16 hours 50 hours in PA shadowing (ER, Allergy/Immunology, Heme/Onc, and Pediatrics) I explained on my application why I left PT school and the reason for my change in focus for a career, but I think that my poor grades and withdrawing from my PT program have really hurt my chances. I was thinking of getting an MPH to help enhance my application, but I was wondering if there were any other post baccalaureate/masters programs out there that would help me. Do you have any other advice that would help me out?
  7. Undergrad Ed School: Cal State Long Beach, BS Kinesiology with Option in Exercise Science Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.37 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.31 Post Bachelor GPA: 3.50 Age at application time: 27 GRE: 306 (151 verbal, 155 quant, 4.5 analytical) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Physical Therapy Aide (~1500 hours) Pediatric Therapy Aide (~30 hours) EMT-B on Ambulance (~1000 hours) ER Scribe (not really direct care, ~3000 hours, still accumulating) Extracurricular/Research Activities: CCE Volunteer (~60 hours) Emergency Department Volunteer at LAC+USC Medical Center (379 hours) Score Keeper for Youth Basketball League (~1650 hours) International Student Volunteer (~80 hours) Habitat for Humanity (16 hours, still accumulating) Shadowing: Emergency Room with a doctor (15 hours) Allergist PA (15 hours) Heme/Onc PA at VA Hospital (32 hours) Free Sexual Health Clinic (10 hours) Pediatric Clinic (3 hours, still accumulating) Schools Applied: USC, Samuel Merritt, Touro-CA, University of Colorado, Nova Southeastern (Ft Lauderdale & Southwest FL), Emory, NYIT, Touro (Bay Shore & Manhattan), Long Island University, Pace, Hofstra, Drexel, PCOM, Seton Hill, Thomas Jefferson University, UT Southwestern, Eastern Virginia Medical School Application Submitted Date: August 12th Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) August 13th Interview Invites: Pace University, Drexel Denied: NYIT, UT Southwestern Withdrew Application: Emory, Thomas Jefferson Waitlisted: will update Accepted: Pace University Attempts: Second
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