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  1. Does anyone have experience or insight working for a NAPA (North American Partners in Anesthesia)? I have heard good and bad, naturally. Thank you
  2. Hi! I had a questions regarding Co-Signing charts in NH. Is it required in NH or is it determined by the institution you work for. I read through the AAPA laws it states supervising physicians must take a represtiative sample of charts to review but it does not specify if co-signing is necessary does anyone have any insight? Thank you
  3. Congrats everyone!! I was interviewed in Nov. and I was accepted in December. I am coming from CT. I just asked to join the FB group =)
  4. What is people's opinions of Mercy- does it have a good rep in NY?? Thank you.
  5. shnor77- when were you informed of your Jan. interview. I still have not heard from them and I am nervous that Jan is all filled up...Thanks
  6. I heard back with an acceptance about a week and a half ago. You do not need to prepare for the essay, you have plenty of time. Also, the interview was not too personal, but make sure you work together with the other interviewees in your group, do not try to outdo them.
  7. I interviewed in November, I did not need any supporting documents . It was very casual, just a group interview with about three applicants. Don't worry about it at all! =)
  8. Okay good to know I am not alone! Let me know when you hear something!!
  9. Hi! Has anyone been invited to the January or February interview dates? If so when were you informed?
  10. It seems like there has not been much posting the past few weeks. I applied end of August and I have not heard anything yet. I am getting nervous that all the interview dates are full!! Has anyone been recently invited to the January date? Or has anyone been invited to Feb yet?? Thank you!
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