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  1. What kind of equip do you have? Make/Model...I start school in January and am getting price quotes right now. Thanks!
  2. txpsychchick & littlej2-- There is a little town (litterally should still be part of Elon) called Gibsonville right beside campus. There are quite a few houses for rent in that area. I am planning on living in a friend's place right by there b/c they just so happen to be teaching abroad in Costa Rica for the spring 2013 semester. I know some of the houses in his neighborhood have fenced in yards. Joesph-- My friend got wait listed too. Did they tell you the June-December time from too?? Everyone-- Spoke to Elon this morning (mainly due to the mix up of 'missing' my deposit)
  3. Hey there everyone! Glad to see people are catching on to this forum and we finally get to interact with each other. I would have assumed Elon would have created their group on FB by now, but maybe they are just waiting until they finalize everyone this week. I had a friend in the March 16 interview too. He said there were some good ppl in that group. As far as studying, luckily I work in medicine already so I'm thrown into review mode daily...especially with supervising undergrad sports med students. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  4. mccluba-- I am from NC. Grew up at the beach and have lived in Charlotte since 2004.
  5. Yep. I had both friends that interviewed on the 27th get in! I'm stoked that we're all in the same class. We've been joking that we are attending PA School together after we just spent 3 years together in undergrad. Good thing we're good friends!
  6. I love that we all have updated our catagories on here to "PA Student"! It seems so surreal!! I think she said it would be around this time. It was something like 2-3weeks from the day we interviewed. wca-- glad we're getting this thing started! mccluba-- CONGRATS on getting in too! When did you interview? Where are you from?
  7. I am wanting to get a new thread for NC's newest program Elon University so that we can all start to interact with each other as the admissions committee continues to offer admit letters.
  8. yep wca it is. i'm excited for it to hurry up and get here!!
  9. hey there. ATC here awaiting my interview in January. Just wanted to say best of luck. I know a lot of my coworkers are looking into PA as well. I'm excited to start this new journey. I understand where you're coming from though as I am a DI ATC for the past 4 years.

  10. Elon really has been awesome with keeping everyone informed of what is going on with their applications and information. I have an interview in January and am really looking forward to it. Elon's my first choice mainly because of its great academic record. With them starting a law school and DPT school within the past few years and it really taking off, I'm not worried about being part of the inagural class. They are going to do things right the first time, no worries at all.
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