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  1. That is correct! I'm fortunate to have my previous employer give me that list, but for future reference, can a PA get a list like that on their own?
  2. Hey folks, I got laid off recently but was able to quickly obtain a new job at another local institution. New employer's asking me to provide them with a "list of participating insurance companies." How do I go about getting that list? Is one conveniently available somewhere in the web? NCCPA? CAQH? NPPES/CMS? Thanks!
  3. Apparently not... I just got an invite for interview Feb 24. Are there still open seats? Or am I interviewing for the wait list?
  4. I interviewed on the 19th and they had 2 seats open. I got wait listed. But judging by the movement of the wait list, I'm optimistic that I can claim a seat eventually. I'll admit that it bugs me a bit that they're still interviewing even when seats are taken, though... I hope the incoming interviewees are aware of that.
  5. Yow. Darn. I also interviewed on the 15th and haven't heard anything yet.
  6. You may have opened a slot for me. They just invited me to interview for the Wait List. I have been accepted to a couple programs already, but RFUMS still is my top school at the moment, so I'm pretty excited.
  7. I know this probably isn't the answer you're looking for, but mine was average at best. That's precisely why I've never been a fan of comparing stats. To be completely frank, I strongly felt my CASPA essay and interview got me the acceptance at Le Moyne. Although I'd be happy to share with you my stats; just send me a PM and what you're looking for.
  8. Here you go! Join Group if you've decided to go to Le Moyne. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Lmcpa16/
  9. Glad to hear a lot of you got in. I'll make a Facebook group and will post the link here.
  10. Yay, I just got a call from them that I'm accepted to Le Moyne's PA Program! It will start in August.
  11. I'm so jealous of you two who submitted CASPAs around my date, which is August 1. I still haven't gotten anything from them yet...
  12. I got outright rejected, too. It happened within 2 weeks of my submission. I was surprised at how quick they rejected applicants. I sent them an e-mail kindly requesting why I was rejected, and have not received a reply yet. I found out that I was rejected by e-mail. All in all I'm a bit disappointed at how they treat the applicants that didn't make the cut.
  13. Took them exactly 7 days to process my app. It was a lot sooner than I thought, so now I need to actually do my supplementals and not slack off!
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