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  1. I have both PAs and MDs in my family. Both work hard, long hours. Both also love and recommend their career choice! The comment with regard to children and residency deserves strong consideration though. Thanks for all of your opinions!
  2. Does any of you regret completing PA school rather than med school? I am on the PA route for the general reasons people choose it over med school: length of education, intensity, less liability..etc. However, I feel that when taking into consideration the period of an entire lifetime, the extra two years of med school and three years residency is less daunting. PA appears to be a wonderful profession, but after a while does it get to you to not be ultimately in charge? I just wanted to hear some thoughts. I know this will vary greatly between people and it is clearly an individual decision. I am a RN and on the route to a PA. I have a young child at home so PA school seems a bit more feasible, although I still understand quite challenging! Thanks for any input :-)
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