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  1. Personal background: EMS/ER tech 2 yrs prior to PA school Masters degree: Surgical Assisting: 1 yr experience of first assist surgical with EVH, vascular, open/laparoscopic cases, plastics, ortho, OB/GYN etc...(Eastern VA Medical School offers a 22-month SA program, after receiving this degree, I had more interest in the medical aspect vs just OR all day/everyday) very confident with procedures as I do not need any surgical training. Just graduated with MPA, officially PA-C as of last week. Wanted EM, but due to covid, I have yet to get any call back for interview as no one is h
  2. Hello everyone, I will be starting rotations in May, I have 7 of 9 rotations selected, I am interested in doing two emergency medicine electives in the Tampa Florida area. The two rotations will be back to back 5 week rotations right before graduation from February to April of 2021. Would anyone be willing to precept and or have any connections regarding a preceptor? Thank you very much
  3. Congrats everyone, I am from the class of 2021, I have created a Facebook group for the class of 2022. The class of 2021 and myself will be on that group to help with anything you guys need. See you all in January. https://www.facebook.com/groups/699051903855269/
  4. Hello everyone, Back in 2015 I had asked about low GPA hopefuls and everyone gave me great advice. I am here again asking you all what you think about my current application for the upcoming cycle. Currently, I am in a Masters of Surgical Assistant program at Eastern Virginia Medical school holding a graduate GPA of 3.84. Our program is 22 months long, we take our Anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology with the medical and PA students, and we have 12 months of clinicals of first surgical assisting at local hospitals around the Hampton Roads, VA, including Orthopedics, Plasti
  5. I just spoke to Mike Delgato, he stated that the program received 5900+ applications for the 26 spots. That they have narrowed it down to 2000 applicants and interviewing 150. He also stated that the program will start in the fall, and we should all know by early June. The last of interviews will be going out in early May. I asked about my application specifically and he said he is at no disclosure to tell me anything. He told me he receives over 40 emails per day regarding applications, so it seems like a chaotic mess. He said the application portal re-opens June 1st on CASPA.
  6. Thank you, I will get on that right now. I appreciate your response.
  7. I couldn't find a job to save my life. I tried over and over. I shadowed a PA for 2 months after graduation. I kept applying for many positions including lab jobs, research, research assistants, hospitals that hired CNA's without certification, transport positions in hospitals. (all requiring experience, a bachelors of science wouldn't help) I ended up meeting someone at a restaurant who happened to be the president of a hospital (I told him my story), it is how I got my foot in the door. That is when I realized without knowing someone and having the connections you need, you cannot get any
  8. Any chance I can get some advice? Any suggestions, comments? What are my chances? I am a re-applicant for my 3rd year now. BS: Human Biology Overall cumulative GPA: 3.02 Overall Science: 3.0 Pre-Reqs: 3.35 Last 60: 3.35 As of June 2015: ~1200 HCE. Direct Hands on EMT certified: Patient Care Tech in the ER. (insert foleys, suture removal, staple removal, venupunctures, vitals, EKG technician, fiber-glass splint applications, basic patient hygiene, wound cleaning, suction, CPR, Cardiac monitoring, etc...) I have not given up on this dream. I know my GPA is l
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