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  1. Only what others have said, really. Do lots of research, and be realistic about how financially-literate you are, because I'm finding a lot of the commercial loans are not nearly as good as I thought at first glance. Know terms like forbearance, capitalization, grace period, etc, and how they will affect your payment. Also, realize that applying for loans slightly hurts your credit in the short term. Variable rates are obviously a gamble, my wife and I decided to steer clear of them. The loan that I thought was the best deal – through suntrust – is not actually that good... They gave the impr
  2. Apparently, NHSC can be used to pay for commercial loans. This is from the NHSC loan repayment policy manual: NHSC LRP applicants must have qualifying educational loans. (1) Qualifying Educational Loans An NHSC LRP participant will receive loan repayment funding to be applied to theprincipal, interest, and related expenses of outstanding Government (Federal, State, orlocal) and commercial loans for undergraduate or graduate education obtained by theparticipant for school tuition, other reasonable educational expenses, and reasonableliving expen
  3. Thanks for all the responses! atmu, the private loan I'm most considering is from suntrust, because that's the lowest fixed rate I've found... I've been using the same site that jwdavis1 posted, and found it to be incredibly helpful, here it is again: http://www.finaid.org/loans/privatestudentloans.phtml . I agree with jdobbs completely. Every time I talk to financial aid advisors, they default to "take all the federal loans you can get!!!" In one conversation, I pointed out that the grad plus loan of 7.9% interest and 4% fees is pretty lousy, and the advisor said "Well, we point students towa
  4. The COA at my school is $135k. My financial aid package includes both subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans, but together those only cover $20k, so I need to cover another $115k. My school's package covered the rest with a Federal Grad Plus loan... which, frankly, seems like a pretty lousy loan as far as fees and interest rates go: Federal Grad Plus: fixed 7.9%, 4% fees. Best private loans, fixed: 3.4%, NO fees. Best private loan, variable: 1M LIBOR + 2% (currently that equals 2.25%), NO fees. The private loans I've found seem to offer comparable perks to the Fed Gra
  5. I'm looking at loans from Suntrust, as well as Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae variable rate is as low as 1m Libor + 2% = 2.25% with NO FEES! That's WAAAAAAAAY better than a federal grad plus loan of 7.9% with 4% fees! (obviously variable vs. fixed is comparing apples to oranges, but still!) Suntrust claims to offer a FIXED rate loan of as low as 3.4%, also with NO fees! With private options seemingly so much better than federal grad plus, can anyone tell me any reason why one would choose grad plus? My financial aid office thought that some loan repayment programs won't pay back private loans
  6. Yep. Though I haven't seen it, they have a new cadaver lab at the Biddeford Campus that the health students share. The first years that I talked to said it's quite nice and that they had about 15 cadavers.
  7. Julia, I friend requested you. Cameron Steineckert Zach, alas facebook is a necessary evil, isn't it? Too bad we can't do all this on diaspora, instead. I interviewed Nov 19th, same as you. We didn't meet- I would have remembered another Portlander, not to mention the fact that there weren't that many guys there. I'm sure we at least saw each other. I was the guy from China, if that helps.
  8. Oh, and Zach, I heard there were 1 or 2 OTHER people in the Nov 19th interview group from Stumptown, but didn't meet any of them. I'm currently finishing up at PSU, and I've lived mostly in the SW. You?
  9. Hello, all! I was in the Nov 19th interview group, as well, and am thrilled to be attending UNE! !!!!! x10 exclamation marks! Zach, I'm ALSO from Portland, Oregon. It's a bittersweet feeling to be moving to Bizarro Portland, but my wife and I are super excited! I spent a few days trekking around Portland and Biddeford, and the overall vibe I got was that Bizarro Portland is much like THE Portland, but smaller. Seems like a great place to live. I'll be moving as soon as my wife gets a job there. We're hoping that she can find work with a company that will offer a relocation bonus, becau
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