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  1. Clarifying questions: You would not want to be "like an NP", but would like the option to become an NP via bridge program in order to be independent? What is the purpose of standing alone? I would suspect lateral mobility, but I don't know how much lateral mobility NPs have. I work in cardio and we have a bunch of NPs, but they didn't do some kind of cardio specialization. I really would like to know the difference in terms of function.
  2. I usually call first to find out if a PA qualifies as the position often requires independent practice. Our hospital doesn't hire PAs to do outpatient psychiatry which I think it goes back to independent practice and historically not hiring PAs. Maybe instead of legislating for independence which might scare physicians (maybe more accurately the AMA), we should ask for the same privileges as NPs. "Senator XYZ, we would like to help physicians and other medical providers at the same level as NPs since we do the same thing with the same level of training." I bet once everyone thinks of NP a
  3. I graduated 3.5 years ago from a class which was 85% female and I was the geriatric at 30 years old. These young folks didn't see any problem with working 30-40 years with a SP, as the SP will mentor them and take liability (plus do the "busy work"). Also probably 70% of the other females planned on having kids within 1-3 years and going part time (which for the most part has happened). So maybe a large portion of the fastest growing fraction of the PA body is complacent with current scope of practice (seems to be the case when I ask other PAs their opinion.) Anyone know what percentage are &l
  4. I have a question for you all that affects myself and my PA colleagues. I worked in FM for a couple years before coming to Cardiology M-F 8-5. I've been trying to find a side gig (other than UC or ED) because our family still lives like college students even after 3 years of working as a PA. I have found that supervision requirements and state/federal/Medicare restrictions have obstructed my every attempt to find work over the last year. Many of my NP colleagues have side gigs that require little effort with good income, but none of my PA colleague do (other than a PA who uses his prior R
  5. Hi everyone. I am looking for moonlighting specialty ideas to supplement my current 8-5 M-F job doing cardiology. Preferably weekend days. I have 2 years of previous experience in family medicine and enjoy psychiatry. I would prefer not to do ED or urgent care. Obviously COVID19 has made looking for work somewhat more difficult. Here are the ideas I have come up with. Do you have experience with any niche areas I haven't thought of? Thank you for your thoughts. -urgent care -ED -inpatient internal medicine -inpatient psychiatry -addiction medicine -telemed of some typ
  6. I only have volunteer HCE. The 24 mo program has 48 weeks of rotations and the other 52 weeks. The shorter program is actually about 20% more expensive than the longer program. I was accepted to another 24 month program, but it is nearly 300% more expensive than the 35 month program.
  7. I have been accepted to a few different programs and am having trouble deciding between them. Of these, I am torn between two: Both have awesome PANCE pass rates and I was impressed with the faculty and students when I visited. One program is 24 months, while the other is 35 months. At this point, the differences in lengths are of greatest concern. Do you attend a longer or shorter program and what are your opinions regarding the differences? Is a longer program more comprehensive, or slightly less rigorous? I'm less concerned with overall cost at this point. Any comments are greatly appre
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