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  1. I don't remember having to send any more letters of recommendations. All you need to do is fill in your coursework and then do the essays. But email or call Wendy Elwell she is VERY helpful! Good luck
  2. Sorry you got no reply. But the ultimate choice is yours. The average Duke PA student was about 100,000 in debt last year. But on the other hand their first time PANCE pass rate is the highest in the country (a DIRECT relation to how well Duke educates their students). Duke students are afforded amazing opportunities seeing as Duke is where the PA profession began, but it does not come cheap. The choice is yours. Are you willing to make the financial sacrifice? No one can really give you that answer, all I can say is the last thing I worried about was finances. There are so many loan repayment programs and your starting salary is about 80,000 / year according to the recent census, therefore, you should have the money to make payments. In the end as soon as I stepped foot on the DPAP campus I knew it was where I wanted to be, hands down. You will get that feeling too, try and visit to really get a good idea as to what you are getting into. Good luck!
  3. Hey Megan. Congrats on your acceptance! Here is the facebook group that one of the girls already started! Someone will add you! See you soon! http://www.facebook.com/groups/174876132610881/
  4. Go luck to you all! Glad to be of some assistance. No need to be nervous g10757 the interview process is VERY laid back. They will make you feel very comfortable! Hope to see you all in August!
  5. Hi mafafa23 I was asked this question and here is what I told the other person! Hope this helps and good luck!! Hi fa2008. So the first suggestion I can make is to purchase the Andrew Rodican book "Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School." This book honestly helped me A LOT with my interviews! Use this book as a guide for you to fill in the answers. The book will give you some sample questions with possible answers. What I did was make note cards and made my own answers using the books suggestions! As for the day of the interview. The first part of the day you will be in a conference room with about 11 other people and you just get all of this information thrown at you (financial aid, etc). As for the actual interviews you will have two individual 15 minute interviews. For each one two faculty members will be present. For these interviews I would not say that the style is strictly "behavioral." In comparison to some of my other interviews (which were ALL behavioral questions), they just seem to want to get to know you. They are going to ask you about your coursework, maybe one or two behavioral questions, and about what you do/did in health care and outside of health care. (Nothing on health care policy - they don't want to know what you know, they just want to know who you are.) For the group discussion session you will be placed in a room with 3 or 4 other applications. You will be given a scenario to read and then discuss. The instructors will in no way help with the discussion they just sit there and take notes. They also will not give any feedback during/after the session. The questions for this were ethical/behavioral. This, I found, was the easiest part because we just sat there and gave each other their time to talk. We all kind of bounced ideas off each other and it went smoothly. But the best advice is to just be yourself. I honestly could not believe they even granted me an interview and remember that you are there for a good reason. Also know why you want to go to DUKE. I had an idea why I wanted to go there but it wasn't until those first 45 minutes that I realized this was where I wanted to be. You will find out if you are accepted/denied in about a week. If you hear nothing then you are in the "maybe" pile. From what I hear they interview 12 people each day (4 are YES 4 are NO and 4 are MAYBE). I wish you the best of luck and hope this info helps!
  6. Hey guys DO NOT be discouraged! I applied to 14 schools, Duke is the only place that has accepted me so far (i've been FLAT out rejected by 6 schools ~ that means not even offered and interview!!!). Don't be discouraged you NEVER know what is going to happen! Good luck and don't give up there is still time left!!!
  7. program starts August 13, 2012! Good luck!
  8. I submitted my CASPA on 8/4. I got a supplemental email on Aug 15th and completed my supplemental on that exact day (the priority review deadline). I was invited for an interview on Sept 15th for Nov 7th. I found out 7 days later (Nov 14th) that I was accepted. I def. think that the Aug 15th deadline (the priority review application deadline) makes a big difference as to when your application is going to be reviewed and when you are invited for an interview. I hope this helps and good luck, there is still a LOT of time left!
  9. I got an email a week later saying I was accepted and that I would be getting a formal letter in the mail sometime that week. Good Luck!
  10. Hey guys. So I will be starting Duke in August of 2012 and wanted to see who my classmates would be. I also wanted to see if anyone started a facebook yet. How are you guys preparing and have you started looking for places to live? I am from the northeast so this is a BIG move for me! So excited to meet everyone in the class of 2014!
  11. I interviewed on Monday November 7th and got in also! I will be starting with you in August! SO EXCITED! This was by far my top choice!
  12. I interviewed on Monday November 7th and got in also! I will be starting with you in August! SO EXCITED! This was by far my top choice!
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