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  1. I am a relatively new PA working in Orthopedic Surgery in the Pacific NW. Originally from New England. I'm hoping to establish a professional mentorship with an experienced PA. I'd like someone to discuss topics such as professional development, evolving medical practice, contract negotiation, the business of medicine, and possibly even transitioning to academic setting eventually. I work predominantly with younger PAs and so haven't found anyone willing or able to mentor. Any recommendations or if you have general interest yourself, please feel free to message me. Thank you. -JT
  2. I currently work at a busy specialty surgery practice with upwards for 20 surgeons and 13 other PA's. The surgeons all pool their collection numbers and split the pot evenly, regardless of specialty or individual production. The PA's salary is based on years of experience and general market awareness (i.e. 50th percentile of PAs in same specialty in the area). We are also compensated additionally for call, overtime, etc. In all fairness, it's actually a pretty good setup. However, as a group, the PA's have thought about going to the Physician Board to request a pooled productivity bonus, but a
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