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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1543460412559444/ don't have a picture yet, but i made one!
  2. https://www.facebook...43460412559444/ don't have a picture yet, but i made one!
  3. Just wondering who was accepted and is planning to attend AACC in May ! I am excited and think we should start a Facebook group!
  4. I was accepted!! so excited!! is there a Facebook group or anything yet?
  5. I just interviews for Mercy November 21st, has anyone heard back? Also the interview is pretty laid back, just be yourself and be prepared to be there for at least 5 hours. They interview people in groups of three and you get asked a series of questions, some of them every one gets a chance to answer and others are individual.
  6. Hello! I am looking to shadow or volunteer for a PA or doctor this summer for as many hours as possible! Please let me know if anyone is available! I am from Morristown, New Jersey and am able to travel about 20 minutes. Thank you! Contact me at wbotero@live.com -Wendy Botero University of Delaware Junior Biological Science Major Vice President Physician Assistant Club
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