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  1. Thanks for your information. I didn't realize that the statistic was only based on 11 students....it makes sense now since 2 of them failed. I have heard good things about NOVA in general, so I'm sure the JAX campus is/will continue to be good. I just wanted to get an insiders perspective, and from your replies, it seems like the school is on the right track. I hope to get an interview followed by an acceptance offer...fingers crossed! Thank you for your time again!
  2. Thank you artyler! Isn't 80% a bit low? Do you get to do any volunteer work to practice any of your skills during the 1s year? (as in getting actual patient contact during the 1st year). One question of the PA's that I've shadowed was wondering was that what happens if the school does NOT get full accreditation during their review in 2012? What happens to the students who are enrolled in the program, etc. Any ideas? Arttyler, were you accepted anywher else, and if so, why did you choose NSU - Jax? Thank you SO much for your time. I know it is scarce so I really appreciate it. I'm sure others on here appreciate your feedback too.
  3. Are there any current NSU - Jacksonville PA students out there who can give some of us prospective students more information on the program? What do you like about it, etc. What are the pros/cons? Since it is still under provisional accredidation and there are no PANCE scores to report, I'm wondering how current students feel about the material that they are being taught....do you feel like you are prepared for clinicals, etc? How does it compare to other NSU programs? Are all clinicals based around Jacksonville? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!
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