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  1. I got in! received the call today, is there a facebook group or anything for the class of 2015?
  2. I was just offered an interview for this next weds! Finally. It is where I really want to go.
  3. I noticed there was not a thread for this school.
  4. I know I thought it was weird...maybe less and less people are using this site.
  5. Nope, I had a mishap with my GRE score, Basically thought I sent it in a yr ago when I took the exam (wrong code). So there was a month delay when I got my caspa and supp application and money in til when they told me they did not have my GRE. So I think I got put behind a lot of people. :[ I am still hopeful though. how about you?
  6. Yeah I am still waiting and I sent my caspa in end of July :/
  7. I have my interview this week on Thursday the 11th in the am. Anyone else going to be there?
  8. Thought I would start a thread. Good luck everyone!
  9. Hi mike, I had a question I am trying to nail down what schools to apply too. How exactly is PBL, and can you give me some examples how this works?
  10. I am trying to decide what schools to apply to out of state, I am from Michigan. I wondered if this school accepts very many from out of state?
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