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  1. Sad. I wonder if there are any more interviews. I've been updating my files with Michael but I don't even see a response from him. Wonder if he even looked at it. Is there any hope left?
  2. Yeah they started this new thing this year where they are interviewing people first solely based on GPAs. My question is are there any more interviews and is there any hope for us that are on the hold list. I tried to contact both Jeanne and Michael, the admissions counselors, and no responses from either of them. Sadness!
  3. Hehe yay Mike! I got the invite on the 9th and booked my ticket and hotel that same day. It took me two hours because I was comparing prices. I know I am such a geek.
  4. I will be there on Feb. 27th at around 4 or 5 PM. I just PMed both of you hehe:)
  5. Is anyone interviewing with me on Feb 28th and are you staying at the Marriott Courtyard in Vallejo?
  6. My friend actually didn't get into PA school two years in a row. Then she went for the MPH at Touro and got into PA school in New Mexico right after she finished her MPH. I think it helps your application somewhat to have a master already but totally up to you. It does cost a lot more than retaking classes that's for sure.
  7. Never mind there are more interview dates. I think the one after Feb. 28th is March 8th.
  8. I turned my supplemental app in on October 26th and got a confirmation that my application was complete and eligible for review on November 7th. I got an invitation to interview from Melanie on February 9th and the interview date is Feb. 28. She did say that I got one of the last spots and she tried to fit me in so I'm not sure if there are any more dates unfortunately. To those that got rejected, I too, was rejected to UC Davis and I had a good feeling about that interview too. All I can say is keep trying. I know I was very discouraged and hopeless also. I cried many times. I have a couple of friends who applied three years in a row before they got in so I guess we just have to be optimistic and hope for the best in this cruel world. I was a Sociology major so it took me three years to finish pre-reqs for PA school because I was working three jobs among other things so it's been a struggle for all of us. Just know that you are not alone!
  9. I just got an interview invite a few days ago for an interview on Feb. 28. I was so shock and excited at the same time. I thought they were already done with all their interviews. Wow, it seems like they are very quick on sending acceptance letters so if I don't hear back in a week or two I should consider myself rejected? I interviewed at UC Davis and the rejection letter came 3 months after my interview date. I was super sad!:( Hopefully this time will be better. I'm nervous. I don't want to fail again. :(
  10. Are they still doing more interviews for Western cuz my app is on hold too :(
  11. I got rejected and I thought my interview went really well too. But my stats aren't as competitive as those who got accepted so I guess I can see y I got rejected :( Yeah all 40 spots have been filled I was told so there are no more interviews. Sorry to those who are still waiting. Kate, Tauba who interviewed with us also got accepted so you'll see here. All the rest that got accepted just don't go on this forum I guess. Anyway, I just got a call on Feb 9th for an interview at Touro. I will not get too over the top excited this time like I did when I got that call for an interview from Davis. I was too excited I guess. The result was very disappointing and I was super sad and still am. Ok good luck all. Hopefully we'll all get there someday.
  12. There has been four interview dates that were already offered. 2 were in November and 2 are coming up before Christmas this month. They did say they were going to interview 106 applicants. Each interview has 16 applicants. 16x4= 64. Chances are there will be interviews in Jan and Feb as well. They do let you know a month in advance so you'll have plenty of time to prepare. Good luck all!
  13. armymom - you can just ask April if they are still sending out interview invites and let her know that you are very interested in the school. She did say they are going to interview 106 people and pick out 30ish. I don't know if all invitations have gone out yet. I'm sure you'll get in your first choice though with 20 years of experience! Good luck to you and everyone else! Happy holidays!
  14. I assume they'd tell you at least 3 weeks to a month in advance so you can prepare.
  15. My friend just got an invitation to interview yesterday. They are coming guys. Look out!
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