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  1. Thanks for the encouragement y'all! As to the husband /wife caution mentioned previously, do you think this applies to husband/wife MD partners in a group. I have an offer on the table from a family practice husband/wife team. They have a practice manager (unrelated) who seems business like and sensible. Thoughts...?
  2. I wonder about an inverse of your experience as well - as I am a petite, middle aged female - and have an ortho interview tomorrow. Always, thought I'm the wrong prototype for ortho - but I'm not one to close doors prematurely or at all. Though I was a jock in college (at 5' tall) and have been active in my sport and coaching for many years, I'm not sure I fit the typical physical jock or ortho PA profile. Wish me luck!
  3. I like Dr. Najeeb, as well. But I wish he had some anatomy lectures--that is what I really need. Any suggestions anyone?
  4. Yes, Contrarian-you are hard core and not for your backpack choice only but for screwing your book rack into the trunk of your car. Gotta love your commitment to organization!
  5. Congrats and enjoy your ring! My two cents worth of experience....I have worked in a microbiology lab for years and have always worn my wedding and engagement ring (separate small band and engagement ring with 3 large stones). ALWAYS wore gloves, frequent on/off gloves and frequent hand washing. And I never had a problem with any of it. It is comforting to have insurance on your jewelry--it is inexpensive. I am very careful with my rings and never take them off and leave them places and have them cleaned regularly--but have had none of the above mentioned problems. Enjoy your engagement and marriage!
  6. Katelyn and Dana,


    My email is: mbmarge@aol.com

    phone (texting best): 2259750056


    My flight gets in at 5:00.

    I have to pick up rental car and check in at Comfort Inn.


    Looking forward to meeting you both. Hope we can get together Friday night. Just keep in touch as to the when and where.



  7. Swimrgal02--

    So were you accepted for Yale's next class?! Congrats, if so!

    They must be doing rolling admissions then. My interview is next week. Pretty excited!!!

    I hope I can join you!

  8. I like my Danskos too for comfort, stability and support. I can walk and stand forever in them. But attractive, they are not! But I have seen some of the new cute red shiny ones that nice!:heheh:
  9. I am a medical technologist and lactation consultant seeking entry to PA school.

  10. Also, I have a blog pawannabe.blogspot.com

  11. Hi nmaski, I see from your profile that we are both Med Techs (my specialty is Micro) and in the "old" category! I'm glad you were accepted. I am still interviewing (Western NY area and Yale). Any advice or thoughts appreciated.

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