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  1. From what they told me, I could see anywhere from 18-40+ patients daily. The PA I spoke with said the same thing, however, she did say one time that she say 70 patients once on a New Year's Eve (that was one time). I asked the PA if I could shadow her next week to see what a typical day looks like.
  2. I would not be an independent contractor. That is what the ER offered me at only $55/hour.
  3. I should also mention that they did know what I was getting paid with the ER offer, and wanted to beat their offer, which is another possible reason for the higher pay.
  4. I think they offered more to me because the owner of the urgent cares interviewed me, when I was supposed to be interviewing with someone else. The owner really liked that I am fluent in Spanish and English, and he did ask some tough "what if this happened to patient" questions, that I answered correctly without hesitation. The offer did seem too good to be true, which is why I visited one of their locations. The PA there had been there 3.5 years and loved it. There is no non-compete clause, and no specified time that I would have to commit to be being there. It is a little daunting that I wi
  5. I received an offer from an ER (see previous post) and an urgent care. I love ER, but, the pay for a new grad just isn't competitive enough. I interviewed at an urgent care recently, and I feel the pay is very competitive, but let me know what you think. -$65/hour, 12 shifts monthly, 13.5 hour shifts, guaranteed $126,360 annually, and able to pick up more shifts, (They said that they normally start at $50 for a new grad, but said I interviewed well and wanted to start me off higher. Never had to negotiate). -health and dental insurance are 50% paid by company, has disability. Tail and malpr
  6. So glad you posted this topic! I was thinking the same thing about my offer and the HR department!
  7. Thanks for everyone's input! I don't think I will be taking this job, after reading all of your comments. I was extended another offer from an urgent care just this week. -$65/hour, 12 shifts per month 13.5 hour shifts (guaranteed $126,360 annually)- interviewer (owner) and recruiter both told me that I would only have to do 10 shifts. Is this a big deal? -health and dental insurance 50% covered -no sign on bonus, no reimbursement for DEA etc, no CME
  8. Thanks so much for all your help. Today is the day I am to let him know my decision (which was going to be no), but before I sent it, he emailed me. He changed the long drive to the unpaid lectures every Thursday and he changed the contract from 3 years to 2.5 years. The only thing I am still holding out for is the relocation allowance, as promised in the job ad. I have taken all your comments into consideration, and I really was going to turn it down! If he doesn't add on the relocation allowance, i think it will be a "no-go," though His email this morning:
  9. I forgot to mention that his wife does something within this company. Every post on here says to never work with spouses. The only thing different here, is that I knew the PA that worked here for 6 years. She recently left (her own words to me) was because she was a single mom, and wanted to date (this city is for retirees with money). I met her coincidently during my ER rotation at another ER before i even interviewed here. She had nothing negative to say about her 6 years here. Except that I should not accept unless he gave me what his job ad advertised- which was a sign on bonus and a reloc
  10. I should start off by saying that I have read every post titled "new grad ER offer" but nothing sounds similar to my offer. I was extended this offer on Saturday, and I have already tried renegotiating. He did not budge. The job is 3 hours away to my house now. The cost of living in this new area is much more costly than where I am living now. Here is the offer: Hourly rate $50/hour with raise expected in 2 months to $55/hour o Sign on bonus of $5,000 for 3 year commitment($2500 with return of LOI and $2500 upon first shift)- prorated pay back if early departure - in the job ad, it li
  11. Good luck at your interviews guys! Out of all the schools I interviewed at, I had the most memorable experience here. I fell in love with the campus and staff right away. Also, during my interviews, it didn't matter whether you were part of the first or last group to interview. They want to see all their options, not just accept people right away. For example, I was in the second to last interview group, and was accepted a month later. Keep in mind, that the people who interviewed in November, had to wait until all the groups were done interviewing to find out if they made it. For each gr
  12. Yes. One person was pulled from the wait list after one student dropped.
  13. Yes. One person was pulled from the wait list after one student dropped.
  14. Yes. One person was pulled from the wait list after one student dropped.
  15. I haven't received that email yet. Have you completed FASFA yet?
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