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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a current 2015 PA. If you have any questions feel free to PM me since I don't check this forum as often as I'd like. Disclaimer, though, I might repost your question on this forum so the info can be shared among everyone. I think there is already a facebook group started for those who have been accepted? Check into it. It's a good resource for an entering student to communicate with current students and also acquaint yourself with future classmates. Anyone prepping for an interview let me know so we can join in on free continental breakfast!
  2. This is really late because I forgot all about his forum... sorry... I agree with TAdams727!! Apply! However, if you're concerned about your GPA you can address it in your personal statement or even the supplemental. "I've learned my mistakes and now I'm serious about getting started on my career"-- it's what I did when I applied. I graduated from a UC as well with an unimpressive GPA, but I'm at Touro now, too. (I sit next to "TAdams") Also, apply early and be prompt with deadlines. Be sure to highlight your strengths and recognize your weaknesses. The latter is probably the most important attribute of any professional, in my opinion. Your work experience sounds good. Try, if you can, to serve in underprivileged areas as that is a main mission statement of the PA profession. Shadowing a PA is also important for understanding the profession itself and what it truly encompasses. More than anything you should have a strong grasp on the career you're trying to pursue and be able to communication your dedication to achieve these goals. Good luck to you! Believe in yourself!
  3. Sorry this is last minute... For anyone interviewing tomorrow the weather has been crappy. Mornings are foggy and around 65F? (It's cold, but I'm from SoCal so my standards are skewed). By afternoon it'll warm up and the sun should be out... hopefully. The Campus Tour has some hills and stairs to climb- be aware of that. BRING AN UMBRELLA. It might rain. It's the Bay Area of California... it always "might rain". I'm not sure of the interview format this year but last year it was a pretty full morning/afternoon. We were told a few times that THE INTERVIEW IS NOT OVER UNTIL YOU LEAVE CAMPUS! Be yourself! Make an impression and some potential new friends. You'll be broken into small groups of 4-5 after the morning rituals, which includes a free breakfast (yay), and do a variety of activities including a personal interview with a staff member from each program (PA/MPH). The breakfast is fruit and pastries with coffee and juice. Also, be sure to look over Touro's Mission Statement. That's really the only question you can get "wrong" during the interviews. Everything else is more character assessment than testing for specific answers. If I wake up early enough I'll come join you for free breakfast and coffee. :-)
  4. Don't consider it a failure! Consider it more like "practice for success". Many programs acknowledge the competition and pressure mounting for acceptance into graduate programs, especially ones in the sciences as they are limited by laboratory accommodations. I think generally people respect a solid work ethic and the drive for success even after "failure". There's a beautiful Chinese couplet which (roughly) translates, "The mountain of knowledge is lead by a path of diligence. The sea of learning is endless in a boat of perseverance." You'll find your way. :-)
  5. When they send an acceptance letter, yet include a form to return with a deposit to reserve your seat in the program. Personally, I didn't send anything additional back aside from the letter. Later on I got an email confirmation they received my deposit.
  6. I got a letter in the mail today, Friday Dec 9. I've heard people from previous years receiving phone calls, but it seems this year is notification by post letter. Good luck to everyone! Who is everyone else on here that interviewed on the 29th?? I'm sure we must've met! I was in group E! For everyone else going to interviews, just be sure to relax and be yourself. It's a full day or interviewing. Dress professional and wear comfortable shoes. The campus tour involves about 30min of walking around campus, up and down stairs and inclines. Check weather conditions and bring an umbrella just in case. You will be in a group, so relax and chat it up. Get to know people. Bring a pen on interview day at the very least, if not a binder. They'll hand out some info packets at the end of the day. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Congrats!! Any tips for the interview? How professional was your attire and what kind of preparation did you do before the interview? Also, did any current students sit in on your interview?
  8. Hey everyone, Would anyone interviewing on Nov 29 be interested in splitting a room? We can get a general sense of each other before committing, obviously. With flight fare and everything else, I'm just trying to be as cost effective as possible. :-) Also, any other info on interview sessions would be much appreciated. Will they try to throw curve ball questions like "what is your favorite kind of tree"? How much of the day is spent on interviewing? Any recommendations for weather appropriate attire? Thanks!!
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