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  1. Had a baby right before graduation. Just didn't get a break...he's in school now so I want to get this thing done for good so I can works... Any courses anyone recommends? I feel so out of it and need a visual course maybe
  2. Hey guys, Starting to buckle down and study for the pance after a huge lag (3 years) after graduation. Where should I start? Any study course you recommend that goes to the bare bones? It's been such a long time. Thanks!
  3. Is this the DVD set with John belienski
  4. Hey guys; Was curious if any of you did the Hippo course for the PANCE and what you thought of it in terms of videos, question banks and how it compared to the actual exam. Just curious. Thanks! Good luck to everyone testing and those that passed congrats!
  5. chair and a prof. hear anything yet? i thought they wouldve gotten back to us by now
  6. Yeah same; the wait sucks! Who did u interview w?
  7. Did they tell u during the interview how long it would take to get back to us! Who did u interview with?
  8. Anyone heard anything after the interview? I interviewed on approx jan 4th
  9. when is ur interview? i only hope i get an interview !
  10. when is ur interview? i only hope they call me back!
  11. has anyone heard back yet? it seems like an awfully long wait! :(
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