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  1. HI. I'm studying for the PANCE too. Could I get a copy too? Thanks! kjconcepts@gmail.com
  2. Anyone have any experience with these private lenders? They seem to offer a better rate than the government. the loan officer at my school suggested some of these variable rates can soar to as much as 14%. what was your experience?
  3. Thanks ahead of time for taking a look at this. Before the obvious is pointed out, that my direct patient contact is massage and not accepted most places, the school to which I am applying is aware of this. In my defense, I am not a Ritz Carlton masseuse, not that there is anything wrong with that. Helping people with their health-related problems and offering preventative care has been one of the two major focuses of my adult life (the other has been music—in itself a therapy of sorts.) I was an overweight child—not surprising after having been raised in the Deep Sout
  4. Thanks for the replies. I 'll Keep UNE in mind if the in town OChem class doesn't work out. Hows about a one credit online Medical Terminology course. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks again
  5. Has anyone taken this class: Online Distance Medical Biochemistry from the Univ. of New England? If so, could you comment on your experience? Thanks!
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