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  1. Was anybody at the Feb 11th interview? Has anybody heard back yet? they said they'd let us know within a week..
  2. Hi, i interview Feb 11th and I still haven't received a packet :(
  3. Hi, i interview Feb 11th and I still haven't received a packet :(
  4. can anyone give some insight as to what questions to prepare for? Du they ask a lot of ethical questions, spirituality or anything else?
  5. thanks so much for your help! The essay question for the secondary asks about our community service involvement. Does anybody remember whether they ask about professional PA organizations?
  6. To all of you who have interviewed for Western U in the past, do you think you can give some insight to all of us who have interviews coming up January 11 and 12th. What the focus of the interview is, specific interview questions as well as the type of questions they ask, how to prepare..etc? Sharing is caring especially since we have all chosen a field that emphasizes collaborative work. Thanks!
  7. thanks for the info pedra. One more question: did the interviewers ask in depth questions about work/volunteer experience?
  8. Can the people who had their interview on Oct 22 share some insight/questions during the interview? Thanks!
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