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  1. Can someone please tell me what does qualify? Thanks. :) Current professional licensure, registration, or certification in one's clinical field. (Areas of healthcare such as, but not limited to, a LPN, CNA, hospital/clinic receptionist, phlebotomist, dental hygienist , personal trainer, EMT, and medical assistant do not meet the requirements).
  2. southpawmedic- my stats are... 31 year old female, MT CASPA GPA - 2.97 HC Experience - 800+ ER Tech 200+ hours on medical assistance missions in Afghanistan with PAs. LPN license - just started working full time this September Certified as CNA and LPN I also have a BS in History/Spanish Minor from the United States Naval Academy. At the USNA I was an 18 year old idiot who graduated with a 2.3 GPA and it's taken the last two years of straight A's in nursing school to bring my GPA up to a 2.97. I've just finished taking organic chemistry w/lab, biochemistry w/lab and abnormal psychology all of which I'm getting A's in so I'm hoping that will push my GPA over since biochem and ochem are rated so high. I'll also be taking genetics w/lab and another biology w/lab next semester. I'm really hoping A's in those courses will bump my GPA over the 3.0 mark which is really holding me back. I only applied to USD this semester but next go round I'm hitting up many more schools.
  3. Super helpful southpawmedic, thank you for the reply. eam39447 I received via snail mail.
  4. @ southpawmedic & gblanch, congrats you two on your invites to interview. I received a rejection letter today from USD and was wondering if you two would mind giving some of us some statistical advice so we know for this year at least what type of stats it took to even get an interview...what were your final calculated gpa's from CASPA, how much healthcare experience have you had, your ages, professional licenses that you hold, how often you have shadowed PA's etc. I think that information might be really helpful to those of us who were not given interviews so we might have something to strive for or at least know what USD was looking for. Thank you for your time and again congratulations.
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