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  1. @packofneurons I haven't either :/ to those of you who have.. has anything changed on your online application status page?
  2. I emailed the grad school in general before you posted her email but received an email back from Kristi directly anyway and she said that they did not need updated transcripts at this time
  3. Does anyone know if they are done interviewing other people?
  4. Congratulations!! I am feeling the same, two rejections so far out of 5.. I was feeling kinda down and my boyfriend told me "it only takes one yes!" and you proved that! hoping I will get the same :) good luck in your interview
  5. Just wondering, how were you invited, by email?
  6. any news on later interview dates? still hoping for that email!
  7. There is no essay that I am aware of just a resume.. You can always go to udm's website and download the supplemental app again to see if/how it is different than the one you submitted
  8. I applied mid august and got them email on Sept 11th also!
  9. I emailed CMU a couple days ago regarding my app status and they said that everything was completed next step is for them to review it.. so they still have a lot to review and invite just in case there are others waiting like me :)
  10. mkels, yeah sort of. Caspa was mailed 7/27 but I submitted a few supplemental items in august.
  11. Nothing here yet either.. although my email is probably about to kick me out for checking it so many times!
  12. Thanks at least I know to only compulsively check my email. lol :)
  13. Question.. for those of you who received an interview did anything change on your WSU checklist online as well or just the email?
  14. Congrats! Hope the rest of ours are on the way!
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