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  1. To anyone that has been accepted or applied without fulfilling all of the pre-req courses: Is it an absolute MUST that all of the pre-reqs be completed, or did they allow substitutions or any of them to slide? Shenandoah is the only school I applied to that I don't have all of the pre-reqs for, so I'm in a pickle if I should spend that money on one class for ONE school and risk not even getting in. I do have an interview in January so things are looking up - but still a concern. So, if anyone has been able to bypass with one outstanding pre-req, or have any further information regarding that situation, let me know! Any input would be great! thanks all
  2. Congratulations! I have an interview this month. could you share what the interview was like/what to expect? and how many other students were there interviewing with you? Any input would be great! thank you :)
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