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  1. Thanks, I was planning on retaking it.I was curious if anyone else had this happen to them.
  2. It was Anatomy and physiology. And now I'm nervous that with retaking the class it will hurt my chances of getting in
  3. I got a c in a required science class and I know it brought my GPA down, has anyone in PA school got admitted with a c or feels it should be retaken? I'm super nervous about this and know how competitive it is to get into PA school.
  4. I also got a C in a science class and I'm worried it would affect me getting into PA school, it is one of my required classes. Should that be retaken?
  5. Im looking into schools close to Virgina beach because thats where my husband and I are looking to move and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or imputs on this school? admission reputation and what not! HELP :)
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