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  1. Congrats gnardo-how exciting!! I just realized that my initial post sounds like I was waiting to hear back on if I got accepted into the class, when I really meant accepted for interview (oops! Haha). The good news is I did get an interview and it is quickly approaching (feb. 6th!) I am both excited and nervous lol what was your interview experience like gnardo? Any tips? I hope to be joining the facebook page in the near future :) thank you!
  2. Hi everyone I noticed that this forum has yet to create a designated thread for the class of 2014. I wanted to go ahead and make a new thread so people could introduce themselves and find out who their classmates will be come this summer! I myself am anxiously waiting to hear if I have been accepted (*Crossing my fingers*). I would absolutely love to join you guys and hope that I will be introducing myself here real soon. Take care!
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