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  1. Are you compensated when you have your temporary license?
  2. What is this AAPA review book that everyone is talking about. Can someone post an Amazon link or the name/author of the book?
  3. I am in the same boat as chamko, about to start rotations in a couple of weeks. Could someone forward me a copy of anything you have, db1755@nova.edu
  4. For the scholarship program how does the site placement work? Is it easy to find a site if you want to be in a certain area?
  5. Current PAs, I am a future PA student (starting at the end of May) and have questions about finding a job afterwards..Comparing programs across the state (UF, NOVA, Barry, South University) does a graduate of a particular program have an advantage on finding jobs based on prestige? Would employers pick one applicant over another just because of the school? Any comments appreciated :)
  6. Congrats! See you in May! I requested to join the FB group today, you should check it out.
  7. I interviewed 2/6 but I was initially scheduled for March 20. If you have an upcoming interview call NOVA and see if they were any cancellations so you can interview early. To my understanding there are taking there interviews week by week, meeting on Fridays to make acceptance decisions.
  8. I got in!!! Does anyone know the what the Facebook link is for the class?
  9. From my understanding, there aren't any more seats at Ft. Lauderdale. I believe what they are doing now is interviewing for seats after people decline or drop their seat. My friend her interviewed on 1/13 called and found out her status and they told her they had accepted her, but she would have to wait for a seat to open. I would allow 2 or 3 weeks after the day you interviewed, and then I would call to find out your standing.
  10. I talked to her Friday, and I got a letter in the mail that said I was selected as an "alternate" today. I don't know what "grey folder" is or whatever, I would just call her or look around on here to see if anyone has said anything about it. Lindsey also said that she thinks the last interviews will be 2/24, but she is not certain. This probably has something to do with her being 8 months pregnant, I don't know though.
  11. Has anyone else been waitlisted for the Jacksonville campus??? Or know how many people they usually take off of it?? I was waitlisted today and Lindsey said they will review the applications at the end of the interview cycle if they were any spots left after the interview cycle. dbarnes09
  12. vicki638, Did you just get the call or was it from earlier?
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