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  1. Hi Cameronlee, How did you resolve your situation with your expenses being over COA? I am in a similar situation and trying to decide whether to go with Grad Plus or private. Do you have any advice based on your decision? Thank you. Anna
  2. Hello Adam, Congratulations on your acceptance :)) My name is Anna and currently live in Frederick, MD. I am planning to relocate closer to Baltimore area, not sure which areas are good places to live and affordable, do you have any suggestions? That would be great if we all could meet up before the school starts and get to know each other because once the classes begin, it will get very busy I am sure. Where in Europe have you traveled? I am from Eastern Europe, Slovakia, I lived there for the first 20 years of my life and then moved here. I am not sure of the exact date of the orientation but I believe sometime in May. Look forward to meeting you! Anna
  3. Congratulations!!! I got an email around the same time I think, went to celebrate immediately :))) I wonder if we interviewed on the same day, Aug 15th I think (?)
  4. Hi S.R.N-PA, please add me to the facebook group, I got accepted too and want to meet everyone :) And congratulations!!!! It's going to be great two years :))
  5. Hi Farzee, great idea to have a little get together, I live in Frederick now, but going to move to Baltimore area for school. Any ideas on where is a good place to live around Baltimore? Thanks and look forward to meeting you all :))
  6. Hello everybody, My name is Anna and I was also accepted to the Class of 2014 :)) Congratulations to all of you as well. Look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully before the program begins so we can have actually time to hang before we have to study!
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