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  1. Can anyone help me with test question banks? Or can you offer any advice on how I can get my hands on sample questions the best ones? If you'd like to help you can email me at linatoropa@gmail.com
  2. has anyone heard of or taken the premiere board review???
  3. is anyone out there near st. petersburg or tampa that are geniuses at taking the PANCE exam??? I really really really need help. thanks.
  4. Im in a similar situation. what are you going to try this time? I need help and would like some suggestions on what to do for a better score.
  5. Hi everyone.. Im having a difficult time passing the PANCE exam. I was considering taking the three day course CME resources. 3 day 100% guarantee?? how accurate is this? I unfortunately have failed this exam several times and would really be interested in one on one tutoring. Im in St. Petersburg Florida. Is there anyone willing to help a fellow PA out?? will compensate. :smile: I would really appreciate any insight on taking action for prepping for this exam. I own the chicago review...didn't help.
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