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  1. Hi, I'm a currently practicing PA in a busy Women's Health practice in Rockville, Maryland. We're looking for a Medical Assistant to join our practice. We have one Physician and two PAs and we frequently precept PA students from two local PA programs. This would be an excellent opportunity for any PA school hopefuls that need to acquire patient care hours prior to applying to PA school. If you're in the Rockville/Bethesda area, and interested in getting more information on the position, please private message me. I'll give you a detailed job description and if it seems like a good fit, I give you my email so you can send me your resume and we can set up an interview. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm a currently practicing PA in a busy Women's Health practice in Rockville, Maryland. We're looking for a Medical Assistant to join our practice. We have one Physician and two PAs and we frequently precept PA students from two local PA programs. This would be an excellent opportunity for any PA school hopefuls that need to acquire patient care hours prior to applying to PA school. If you're in the Rockville/Bethesda area, and interested in getting more information on the position, please private message me. I'll give you a detailed job description and if it seems like a good fit, I give you my email so you can send me your resume and we can set up an interview. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to update this post, since I did end up accepting the position and have now been on the job for 7 months. At this point, I'm seeing patients in the office 4 days a week and I spend 1 day a week with my SP at the hospital assisting with GYN surgical cases and deliveries (C-sections and vaginal deliveries). I do get to do Colpos, IUD insertions/removals, and ASC cases in the office as well - although in Maryland, there's a long process to go through before you can do them without direct supervision, so I always have my SP keeping an eye on me for the time being. (Kind of comforting actually, since I'm a relative newb, lol). I also go into the hospital to round on our post-op and postpartum patients. It's been a very, ummmm... let's say "interesting..." transition getting into the hospital setting, since there weren't any other OB/GYNs bringing their own privately-employed PAs into the hospital prior to us, but overall the experience has been a positive one. I do wish there was a stronger PA presence in the L&D department at our hospital, as the few that are there are employed directly by the hospital and mostly limited to C-section assisting. It's kind of tough being the only one coming in as an employee of a private SP - mostly just because it's relatively uncharted territory in this specialty. Overall, I'm happy with my choice- and for any future peeps reading this who are considering OB/GYN - highly recommend asking for hospital/OR exposure when negotiating your employment.
  4. Looks like that link didn't paste in properly- here's the article: http://bulletin.facs.org/2014/05/billing-for-services-performed-by-nonphysician-practitioners/
  5. Hi all, Hoping I can get a little help from some surgical PAs who know how to handle billing MCOs that use incident-to billing for surgical assist services. I'm working for an OB/GYN practice and I'm the first PA they've had who actually wants to go to the hospital to assist in the OR with surgical cases. In the past, my SP has used hospital-provided PAs as 1st assists, so we're trying to figure out the billing aspect of taking me instead. There are a few state MCOs, (Amerigroup and United Health Care) that pay PAs solely under incident-to and don't credential us separately. So if I assist my SP with a C-section, I don't have a separate provider number to bill for my services. I found this article from the American College of Surgeons, (http://bulletin.facs.org/2014/05/billing-for-services-performed-by-nonphysician-practitioners/), that essentially says I should be billed under my SP as "an expense to the practice." Other than that, I haven't found much in my research online, and talking to the actual MCOs is about as helpful as punching myself in the face. So- I thought maybe some of my fellow PAs that work in Ortho, (or any of the other surgical specialties that utilizes PAs employed by the surgeon's practice instead of the hospital), might be able to shed some light on this. If anyone can help, I would be most grateful. Thanks! Kate
  6. I haven't started yet. Just got my license last week and now waiting on the official acknowledgement of the delegation agreement before I start in a couple of weeks. I'll start seeing pts in the office right away, but it will probably take another month or so before the hospital credentialing is done.
  7. Hi all, Just curious- for those of you who've already been through the Maryland licensure process, how long did it take the board of physicians to process your application and delegation agreement? I know they've started offering expedited processing for military and military spouses too - anyone know how much that speeds things up? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys- just took a look back at some of my old posts (remarkably similar to these, lol) from when I was going through the application process. We got our interview invites October 19 and interviewed on December 7. I think the final head count on interview day was 82 and they accepted 41 of us, so yes- odds are pretty good if you make it that far. Good luck to all of you, and keep us posted on how it goes! Kate
  9. Just a quick update- I got my results yesterday, which was indeed a Thursday, around 10 am Eastern time. And gbrothers98, you were right- I did pass it. :) Thanks so much for all the encouragement, and best of luck to all those who are still waiting or will be soon! Kate
  10. Took the PANCE on Monday (8/11). Came out dazed, confused, and pretty sure I failed it, despite having graduated at the top of my class, studying hard before hand, and killing it on both NCCPA practice exams. So now I'm waiting not-so-patiently (read: obsessively checking my email and the NCCPA website every hour or so) for results. I've heard through the rumor mill that results are pretty much always posted on Thursday mornings and nothing went up today, so I'm just wondering if that's actually true. I'm hoping I don't have another full week of anxiety and stress to look forward to, so if anyone knows anything about timing of results release, I'd be most grateful if you'd share your knowledge. For those of you who've already been through this, how long did it take them to post your scores? Thanks!
  11. Admissions are not rolling, but as long as you have everything submitted before the deadline you're fine. They have a very specific rubric for picking their interviewees and to the best of my knowledge, they don't factor in how early or late your app came in as long as it's before the deadline. If memory serves, I think we got our interview invitations in late October or early November and the actual interview date was in early December. Good luck everyone- I know that wait is nerve-wracking!
  12. Hi all, Just wanted to say thank you for all the advice and guidance- I was really struggling with the decision and the outside perspectives were very helpful. An update on the situation in case anyone is still following- I did end up getting a hospitalist offer last week and I decided to officially accept it this morning. It's 3 12's/week, so I'm going to see if I can also set up some PRN shifts with the OB/GYN practice- that way I get the best of both worlds! Thanks again everyone, and wish me luck- I'm sure I'll need it! Kate
  13. Thanks for the input- I agree and the FP offer is what I'm leaning toward at the moment. I turned down the hospital job because of the night shift schedule and patient load- and I'm hesitant to take the OB/GYN job because I don't want to specialize too early. My ideal job would be inpatient hospitalist days- which is what I'm doing my 1st elective clerkship in right now. Maybe I'll get really lucky and get an offer out of this clerkship and then my decision will be easy! But if not, I'll probably take the FP job.
  14. Met with the FP people this morning and now have the details of all 3 offers- would really appreciate some input if anyone cares to weigh in... Hospital PA $40/hr + 5.85 night shift differential and 1.25 weekend differential- works out to about $85,800/year before OT 45 minute commute Patient provider ratio on nights is 24:1 (Yikes!) 3 12-hour night shifts/week (7p - 7a) 2 weeks PTO/year $200 and 3 days for CME Initial license fee and PANCE are my responsibility, they will reimburse for renewals Claims-made malpractice insurance - no tail Opportunities for advanced training: excellent Marketability of experience if I want to change jobs later: excellent SP/Staff support: meh... Family Practice $85,320/year 15 minute commute Initial patient load of 8/day, working up to 16 within 3 mon and 24-28 by 1 year 40 hours/week, one late day (10a - 7p) and 1 Saturday/mon 4 weeks PTO $500 and 5 days CME PANCE, license, delegation agreement, and DEA fees paid Claims-made malpractice with tail Opportunities for advanced training - none Marketability of experience if I want to change jobs later: good SP/Staff support: good *** also offers short/long term disability coverage, and annual bonus of 2-3% base salary based on productivity OB/GYN $83,200/year Would have to move closer to avoid horrible commute Initial patient load vague- ultimate expectation is 24-30/day 40 hours/week, 32 in office and one day/week in hospital (OR, vaginal deliveries), plus shared hospital rounds 2 weeks PTO first year, 3 weeks thereafter $500 CME, no additional paid days License, delegation agreement and DEA fees pain Occurrence malpractice coverage- no tail needed Marketability of experience if I want to change jobs later: meh SP/Staff support: excellent
  15. So I sent my list of questions and the SP got back to me today - if anyone is willing to take a look at the full details of the offer below and give me an idea of whether you see any red flags, or think of any other follow-up questions I should ask before I decide, I'd really appreciate it. $83,500/yr 2 weeks PTO the first year, 3 weeks every year thereafter - this includes CME time $500 annual CME allowance, may increase to $1000/yr depending on productivity They pay licensing/DEA/delegation agreement filing fees Malpractice insurance - corporate occurrence policy covers anything I do in office, and won't require tail if I leave. He's checking with their insurance agent to see if this will also cover me for hospital duties, so I may have to carry my own occurrence policy if it doesn't. Hospital duties will include 1st assisting on all of his GYN surgeries and C-sections, assisting with vaginal deliveries, and we will split rounds He is willing to train me for advanced procedural credentialing in culposcopy, and minor ASC cases, e.g. cervical/endometrial biopsy, endometrial ablations, etc Expected patient load is 24-30 per day - his exact words, "I don't expect that overnight, you'll work up to it over time. As long as you're generating enough revenue to cover your own overhead by the end of the first year, everyone's happy." No health/dental coverage offered through office (not that big of a deal to me since I have these benefits through my husband's employment) No retirement benefits currently, but willing to add 401k after first year. And to answer your question EMEDPA, yes he's a good teacher. I did my OB/GYN clerkship there and had a great experience. Good learning environment and working relationship with SP are really important to me for the first job- which is why I'm leaning toward this offer over the other two (Hospitalist and Family Med).
  16. Hi all, New grad here, considering an offer in OB/GYN. It's outpatient- though we've vaguely discussed adding on hospital duties at some point, including rounding, surgical assisting, etc- Nothing specific though. The Doc just sent me a letter of intent, but it's a little light on details. I was thinking I should send back a list of follow-up questions and want to make sure I'm not missing anything before I do. Here's what he outlined: Salary: 83,500/yr PTO: 2 weeks first year, 3 weeks thereafter Non-contractual, but requires 8 weeks notice if leaving 3 month initial probationary period Here is the list of follow-up questions I have so far: CME: time/monetary allowance? Liability insurance: my responsibility or yours? If yours, is the policy occurrence coverage or claims-made? If claims-made, do you cover tail, or is that my responsibility? Licensure, DEA, and delegation agreement filing fees: my responsibility or yours? Patient load: initial expectation? Ultimate expectation and expected time frame for getting there? Hospital duties: what is the expectation and time frame for taking these on? Other benefits: e.g. medical, dental, 401k, etc? So... First of all, are any of these questions unreasonably forward? (Not looking to offend the guy by grilling him, lol). And second, are there any other questions I need to add before I respond? And just FYI, I have 2 other serious offers on the table. He knows this and has upped the initial salary offer from 80k already, so I'm a little hesitant to push, but don't want to be stupid either. Thanks everyone- this helpless newbie is eternally grateful!
  17. These are all really great questions- the money is not as important to me as a supportive learning environment and a good working relationship with my SP. I do want a challenging environment, and I don't shy away from putting in some extra time with the books after I finish school to continue bettering myself as a provider. As far as what I want to do for the next 10 years- in all honesty it's difficult for me to pin one thing down. I deliberately reserved judgement when going through my clerkships because I wanted to keep an open mind and get the everything possible out of each experience. I thought I would have some sort of ah-ha moment somewhere along the way, but in truth, I've loved every clerkship except Psych and the ER. What I learned along the way is that I can be happy doing pretty much anything as long as I like the people I'm working with. I love the pace and variety of the inpatient setting, but I also like the continuity aspect of outpatient care. To be completely honest- I think I would learn more and have more opportunity for advancement in the hospital job, but they have a reputation there for hiring new grads, paying poorly and running them into the ground. I've heard this from multiple different people, without prompting, and this worries me a bit. I'm very good at family practice, it comes easier to me than some of the other fields, but yes- treating diabetes and hypertension all day every day is boring. Really, really, boring. I loved the OB/GYN rotation, but I'm worried about pigeon-holing myself by going into a sub-specialty straight out of school. On the up-side, my SP for this one is awesome. I'm kind of leaning toward the OB/GYN offer, but I don't want to be kicking myself 5 years from now if I want to do something else and can't get out of women's health. Am I right to be concerned- or is there enough demand out there that I can overcome it?
  18. All 3 are in Maryland- the OB/GYN job is in an upscale suburb of DC, the hospital job is just north of Baltimore, and the family practice job is in Annapolis. I'm centrally located, so commute is not much different between them.
  19. Hi all, I need some advice on a couple of job offers since I'm new at this and have no clue what is a "good" offer and what's not. I have been invited back by my OB/GYN clerkship on a salaried basis at $80,000/yr- they cover malpractice, 3 weeks PTO, 1 week and $1500 CME allowance. It was a great learning environment, I liked the work, and I get along great with the SP. I've also been offered an inpatient position at a local hospital on an hourly basis at $40/hr, 36 hrs/week (3 12's), but will be working nights with a $6/hr shift differential- they also offer occurance malpractice coverage and lots of opportunity for overtime. This seems low to me, but unlike the other offer, I will have more opportunities to learn and advance, get advanced procedural credentialing, and I think that it leaves more options open for me down the road since it's not so narrowly specialized. Last but not least, my family medicine clerkship has also invited me back, but I don't have the details of the offer yet. I'm meeting with them later this week to discuss specifics. The upside to this one is a cushy schedule (9-5, Mon-Fri) with no call, plus a good variety of patients/complaints. It's also a large practice with lots of providers, so there will be people around to ask for help when I need it. Money aspect aside, I think I would like to start out inpatient, because I feel like it's much easier to move from inpatient to outpatient than vice versa if I want to switch in the future. So... what should I do???? Are these offers reasonable compensation wise for a new graduate with relatively little pre-PA medical experience? Should I ask for more money? And if so, how do I go about doing that without torpedoing my offer? Thanks guys- I really appreciate your input. Kate
  20. First of all, best of luck to you on your application process. It's a lot of hoops to jump through, but definitely worth it! I would say that your GPA stats are mid-range competitive, and that your patient care experiences are strong because you have patient education and counseling experience. Be forewarned that PA school is incredibly competitive at the moment- I think our class had 700+ applications for 40 seats and I think it's only gotten more competitive since. That said, a lot of people get in on their second application cycle, so if you don't get picked up the first time around, do not give up! One of the very best things you can do to increase your likelihood of getting in is to take the 8-week EMT Basic course so you have some emergency medicine experience to add to your application. Best of luck to you! Kate
  21. Hi GRC, First off, congratulations on your acceptance! It's no small thing to get into the program, so kudos to you. As for your questions- I can't really speak to the new UMD Master's program because our class is doing our Master's through Saint Francis University. I will say that if given the option, I would have preferred to have a degree from UMD, not because I have any complaints about SFU, but simply because I think UMD is a better known school. I'm not sure what you mean in terms of the administration. Personally, my experience with the faculty has been positive overall. Of course there have been moments here and there when things have rubbed me the wrong way, but I certainly don't think that's unique to any program. I also know some folks who have had run ins with faculty for various reasons, but again, that's really an unavoidable part of any academic program regardless of major or school. If you have specific concerns, please feel free to message me and I'll answer honestly to the best of my ability. To me, the bottom-line most important thing is whether or not I'm adequately prepared for my clerkships, to pass the PANCE, and to carry my own weight when I start working after graduation. I've been on sites with students from other schools in the area and I certainly think that AACC is doing an outstanding job of delivering the material you need to know to be successful. I have yet to be on a site where I felt behind relative to students from other programs. In fact, the general consensus of the preceptors I've worked with is that most AACC students tend to do very well in that regard. Plus, with a 97% first-time PANCE pass rate, they must be doing something right! This is all my own personal opinion, of course, and I would certainly encourage you to reach out to other students to get their unique perspectives. Best of luck to you, and congratulations again on being accepted into the program! If there's anything else I can answer for you, please feel free to ask. Kate
  22. Hello RC - it's a pleasure to meet you (virtually speaking, lol). I absolutely love the AACC program. It is by far the most academically difficult thing I've ever done, but also the most rewarding. The faculty is amazing- tough, but fair and supportive- and there is a sense of community that you will build with your classmates here that will make even the most challenging material fun. When I applied, I had a 3.98 undergraduate GPA (BA in Psychology) and a 4.0 prerequisite GPA. I had relatively little health care experience compared to most of my classmates, with just over 1500 hours. My hours were from working as a rehabilitation tech and as a massage therapist. I suspect that my acceptance rested heavily on my letters of recommendation, my grades, and the group interview. Of course that is just speculation, as they don't really tell you afterwards what it was that got you in. Don't get too stuck on GPA though, I have several classmates who got in with GPAs in the 3.2 - 3.5 range, based on the strength of their previous patient care experience. As long as you have one or the other, you will have a decent shot. My best advice is to write a killer personal statement, and if you get the interview invite, just relax, enjoy yourself, and be authentic. The most important quality you can bring to the table as a prospective PA is a team-player attitude, (IMHO). Best of luck to you and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! Kate
  23. Hello to all the AACC 2014 hopefuls! I am a second-year student at AACC and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the program. Well, any of them that I know the answer to at least, lol. Best of luck to all of you as you make your way through the application process!
  24. Hi everyone, Looking for a little advice if you all would be so kind... I'm graduating in July and planning to take the PANCE about a week after; just wondering if I should be posting resumes, reaching out to staffing agencies/recruiters, and applying for positions prior to graduation, or if it's better to wait until after taking the PANCE? I have a couple of offers on the table from the rotations I've already finished, but neither of them are in my preferred specialty. I'd like to look around a bit before committing to either one, but I also don't want to wait too long and lose my bird in the hand while chasing after one in the bush. Any guidance from those of you who've already been through this process would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Hi everyone! I figured it was about time to start a new thread now that everyone knows whether they got in or not. I also wanted to let any future classmates know that I made a FaceBook group for our class, as requested by one of the other students. Anyone who's interested is more than welcome to join- it might be a nice way to get to know each other a little before classes start. Just search "AACC Physician Assistant Class of 2014." ~ Ketessa
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