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  1. Hey all, Im a PA student at JMU in Virginia. My husband and I have been looking to move to Bend for a couple years now and I'm in the process of setting up 2 rotations at St. Charles in Bend. Can anyone give some personal insight regarding practicing in Oregon in general compared to other states - is it more PA friendly then some? Average? Is Oregon more NP or PA dominant? What kinds of things do you think are important to know about being a PA in Oregon? Thanks everyone.
  2. I did. Their program works out well for my husband and I
  3. Hey to everyone who has accepted admissions beginning fall of 2012!
  4. Oh never mind, I didnt realize they had interviews M-Th
  5. Hey driker2, do you mean last Thursday that you interviewed? I havnt heard anything which I guess either means negative or tabled. What was your name?
  6. I received an acceptance letter on Monday 11/7! I was in the 10/21 interview.
  7. I'm also going to the 10/21 interview. Did anyone else notice in their interview notification that it said Friday October 20th? Friday is actually October 21st. I called about this but left a message and have not heard back yet. Not sure if anyone else had the same issue.
  8. I am interviewing 12/1. Anyone else?
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