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  1. Do some PA programs pay preceptors to teach at clinical rotations? I recently tried to set up an external rotation on my own, but the practice told me that they could not take me on since my program doesn't pay. If it is true that some programs pay, I would be a little surprised, as it seems to put the programs on different playing fields. I briefly looked on the ARC-PA website but didn't find anything regarding paying preceptors. Anyone know about this? Thanks.
  2. Thank you! And yes, satort, I do think it makes sense to take some time out of lecture to see a doc.
  3. I have the same question as ALombardo. I am not at a PA school in Pittsburgh but I would like to do 1 rotation there, as my family is in the Pittsburgh area, and I am considering moving back there after school. Any tips? Thank you.
  4. I commute over an hour each day. 10 min to the train station, 1 hr on the train, then a 10 minute walk. Class usually starts at 9 and ends around 6 or 7. It can be brutal at times, but I get a lot of studying done on the train or I catch up on sleep. I will be driving to my rotations in a few months; it will be about 50 miles each way. I need to drive because most rotations will start too early to get the train. I am concerned about driving because of traffic, not being able to read, sleep, etc. Hopefully I can get to bed at a decent hour so I am not falling asleep at the wheel!
  5. Contrarian- Thank you very much for all of your input. It was really helpful to read about your experiences in the field. I am currently in PA school and am trying to figure out what I want to practice (I am still in the didactic phase). I am definitely most interested in psych, but I do not want to pigeon-hole myself in one area, plus, I do not want to go into a specialty without a strong base of general medicine first. It sounds like many of your successes in psych come from your strong base prior to specializing. With that said, psych is something I would love to do down the road. Your advice reaffirmed my beliefs, and I appreciate it! Thank you.
  6. Thanks, I tend to agree with you.
  7. Hi PA students- Just curious to hear what hours you have class, on average. In my program we have to be here everyday from 9-6, sometimes staying later or coming earlier. Does anyone think this seems excessive?
  8. Undergrad Ed School: University of Maryland, BS in Finance, Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.5 Masters in Business Administration: New York University. GPA: 3.5 Post Bacc: SUNY Purchase, Science GPA: 3.8 Age at application time: 29 1st GRE: 680V, 600Q, 4.0 writing Direct Patient Care: 500 hours volunteering and shadowing in various settings (Emergency Dept, OBGYN, Internal Medicine) First Aider in local ambulance corp ~5 months Schools Applied: Cornell, Hofstra, Pace, Mercy, Bridgeport, Chatham, Philadelphia University, Yale, Midwestern, Pitt, Touro, Stony Brook Application Submitted Date: Aug 9 Interview Invites: Cornell, Hofstra, Pace, Mercy, Bridgeport, Chatham, Midwestern Denied: Pitt (missed deadline), Phila U, Yale, Stony Brook Withdrew Application: Touro, Chatham Waitlisted: Midwestern Accepted: Cornell, Hofstra, Pace, Mercy, Bridgeport Loved Mercy, Pace, and Cornell. Decided on Cornell.
  9. rascalpa: you said the tuition is $90k. Isnt it $12,271 for 6 terms? That would be ~$74k unless I read something incorrectly. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am currently trying to choose between Cornell and Mercy. I liked both programs, and I am having a hard time deciding which would be better for me. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on these 2 programs? Perhaps students from either of these schools?
  11. i think mercy is my first choice. i interviewed there on nov 18th and had a good feeling about my chances of getting in, but the deadline is approaching to send a check into another school i was accepted to, which is at the top of my list as well. does anyone know when they typically send out acceptances?
  12. i heard by email within the same month, so maybe you will find out before your other deposit is due!
  13. i was accepted today. i interviewed on 11/3. they had told me id hear early december, but it looks like they are getting the word out sooner. i am pretty sure that i will be accepting!
  14. i was accepted as well! i am having a hard time deciding between hofstra and bridgeport. hofstra has a track record, whereas bridgeport does not, as its a brand new program. but bridgeport is logitically much easier for me. i wouldnt have to move. any thoughts?
  15. Kapowski, Kasam, j1814291, and KR20: I still havent heard anything since I got the "Thank you" for the supplemental on 9/26.
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