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  1. Depends on your region but I agree with others. Offers tend to hover around $50 an hour just starting out.
  2. Do any members here have any concern of PA job saturation in the future? I am an RN and NP saturation is a hot topic with lots of for profit schools popping up cranking out ill-prepared nurse practitioners in exchange for all the tuition money they get to pocket. To my understanding I've heard this is not unique to nursing as Pharmacy and Law schools are also having this problem, but back to topic, are there any concerns of fierce job competition, and decreased compensation as more PA's enter the field? PA school undoubtedly is more difficult to be admitted to than NP school is. Does this shield the profession from such problems? Some FNP's are experiencing difficulty obtaining positions due to lack of openings around the country, how healthy is the outlook for PA's? I have skimmed the BLS projections and do not place much faith in them as they have been wrong in the past and likely will be again.
  3. Yo, I was wondering if anyone here knows of any dual PA/NP programs other than the UC Davis one? If not, why would they be the only one in the country?
  4. rev ronin I can't believe they made you a moderator on this site based off your strident and abrasive feedback to other posters. This should not be allowed and it's unfortunate you belittle them. I disagree with many of your points in the OP and am glad that I and many others can create our own paths away from your perceived ideals and rules for the PA profession.
  5. I agree with above! Figure 1 app has DERM pictures every dang day! And some of them are really fascinating.
  6. I see at least 2-3 PA job openings posted everyday on Craigslist. Click on the medical/health tab on the right hand side of the screen. Good luck to you!
  7. Got my CNA done in a week and half here in Utah while doing full-time school and two jobs. Search around, the programs are out there.
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