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  1. hello! congrats on your acceptance! if you dont mind, would you tell me where you got your clinical experiences? did you have any? what was your gpa? i dont have any of the sci pre-reqs, but i am very interested in applying for the school to get the pre-reqs and getting into the program.
  2. hello! how was your interview? and what was your gpa for admissions? I'm interested in applying into the school for the program but i dont have any of the sci pre-reqs yet. i have to start over x.x i'll be transferring from baruch.
  3. hello! where did you get your clinical experiences? I'm looking for volunteer opportunities to start on my hours before applying for the program. I've found Beth Isreal, Lenox Hill, Bellevue, Gouverneur, and Downtown Hospital with volunteer opportunities of the like for direct patient care experiences. Have you done any paid ones? Where?
  4. hello! did you apply for Fall'10? i'm interested in applying for the program but I dont have any of the science pre-reqs. What shall I do? Should I apply into City College - major in a sci or just go for the fine arts school, take all the prereqs and THEN apply for the PA program?
  5. Hello, how was your interview? Did you get accepted into the school? Do you remember what kind of questions they asked? I am interested in transfering into the program. Also, where did you get your clinical experiences?
  6. Hi Gabriel, I am interested in transferring over to City College for the PA program. How was your interview? Do you remember the kinds of questions they asked you? What was your admission's GPA?
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