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  1. Nope, I'm nowhere near any type of interviewing process for anything PA related.
  2. Nope, I'm nowhere near any type of interviewing process for anything PA related.
  3. You are working towards (hopefully) dedicating career to the PA profession, now what do you hope to gain and or contribute to it? Where do you see the profession going/ Where do you want it to go? Does the name change matter to you? This question has been posed many times before but I've never heard the pre-PA perspective before.
  4. Hello everyone, another new guy here. Just curious if any of you knew of any websites or associations that were geared towards the recruitment/ retention of minority physician assistants? I only ask because I'm considering making a website or blog of some kind. Thanks:=-0:
  5. 1. Are there any non pre req classes that you've taken that have proven useful? 2. How important is the PA title change to you as a student? 3. What's that cultural climate of PA school like? There is more to education than just school but we never here about the sociopolitical stuff much.
  6. http://pashadowonline.com/ to hook up a shadowing opportunity in your general area. Personally never used it but i've heard good things. Another thing to consider is volunteering in a local hospital that utilizes PAs. Try and get on a specific unit where there will be heavy PA foot traffic(ER/ICU) Good old fashioned face to face networking goes a long way.
  7. Hello everyone, just wanted to properly introduce myself to the fine folks of this wonderful forum. Calhoun is my last name. I'm in the GPA repair phase of my pre-PA . I'm an emt basic but mainly work as a tech in a downtown trauma center. We are the only facility of our kind so I hope that helps me standout from the herd a little when I actually do my CASPA stuff. Other than that I'm just glad to have access to the wisdom of so many seasoned professionals. This site is top notch.
  8. For the record, yes I still REALLY want to become a PA.
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