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  1. York last year gave out response I think on May 9th or something.they will advise you a date at your interview
  2. You will be interviewed by 2-3 professors. Questions are generic like online. Be prepared to answer questions if you have a bad grade here or there and make sure you have a strong solid answer , convincing them you will be able to manage the rigor of the program. They have a small short essay question at the end
  3. I had a lot of hours shadowing in hem onc and didn't have any in primary care. I still was offered an interview and now acceptance on the conditions of completing my required 250 hours of primary care hours. Good luck!
  4. Hi PACdan, thank you for your response. I agree actual dissection is better and is probably the only reason I may consider the MPAS program, I really loved the MHS program. As of now, I am interested in Surgical Oncology so that's why I feel like I may miss out on dissection and may or may not hinder me in the future. Its tough, some say its better not to dissect others say its a great experience. I also might not like surgery once I actually do my rotations. So this is the dilemma now I am thinking about.
  5. Thank you GreatChecko for confirming and responding! Yes all of the above is correct. Distance isn't really a big deal for me, its only for 27 months I think I'll be to busy to be worrying about being away from home and time will fly by in a blink of an eye I'm sure. Thanks again!
  6. Hello, I was just offered a 2nd admission to a PA program and now have an option in decided between accepting a seat in a program that offers a Masters in Health Science with a PA certificate (which will allow me to practice once i pass the PANCE) or a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Honestly, I am not sure if in fact there is a huge difference and thats why I wanted to post a thread to hear back from anyone who may know or be experienced. I feel the MHS program is much more reputable, organized, great facilities and support. Program for MPAS is closer to home bu
  7. Hey Love Life , I interviewed in Nov! Thank you!
  8. Received acceptance letter yesterday, I'm out in Queens ! Good luck to all
  9. Depends on how many people there are. They split the groups with last names I think A-L and the rest in 2 rooms and u do two separate interviews. I was in the afternoon interview and I finished around 5-530. In rhe beginning for introduction you will be on the main floor and then you go upstairs into the conference rooms so yes you will have space to keep your luggage. I would let them know you have a flight to catch
  10. I got snail mailed my wait list letter sat , interviewee 11/22
  11. Someone else got accepted the same day but morning session. Not sure if he got a letter or email. Sorry , good luck!
  12. Well last yr I didn't get an interview and got a rejection email. So idk, I interviewed on 11/22 afternoon and got a letter in the mail yesterday.
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